Inside Obama’s Presidency with Michael Grunwald

In a live discussion starting at 11a.m., TIME's Michael Grunwald will join panelists from the Atlantic, New York Times, Guardian, Slate, and PBS to discuss the question "Is Obama a truly transformative president?"

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Today TIME’s Michael Grunwald will join a panel discussion on the new FRONTLINE film Inside Obama’s Presidency, a look back on Barack Obama’s first four years in office and on their implications for his second term. Panelists–including James Fallows from The Atlantic; Peter Baker, the New York Times; Heidi Moore, The Guardian; David Weigel, Slate; and Christina Bellantoni, PBS NewsHour–will discuss one main question: Is Barack Obama a truly transformative president?

The two-part program examines inside accounts of the President’s key experiences and decisions, from his battles with Republicans over health care and the economy to his expansion of targeted killings of enemies. Four years has changed the man who came into office on a mantle of hope and change, the question is, how? The conversation will continue tomorrow, when the focus will turn to Obama’s second term agenda: what actually seems achievable, and what must the president do to secure his legacy?

Watch the live discussion below: