Mayors Use Anniversary of Tucson Shooting to Rally Support on Gun Control

A gun control group led by Mayors Michael Bloomberg and Thomas Menino is running a nationwide ad on the two-year anniversary of the Tuscon, Arizona rampage.

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Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a gun control group led by New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston’s Mayor Thomas Menino, is running a TV ad on the two-year anniversary of the Tucson, Arizona rampage that left six dead and former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords critically injured. In the ad, Roxanna Green, the mother of a young girl who was murdered in the attack, asks mothers to “demand a plan” and Washington to “find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby.”  According to Politico, the ad will air in Waco, Texas; Roanoke, Va.; Fargo, N.D.; Denver; Binghamton, N.Y.; Milwaukee, and Washington D.C. through January 14. Watch the ad below:

Mayors Against Illegal Guns set up the Demand a Plan campaign in 2006 to “prevent future tragedies by passing common sense legislation.” They advocate for a criminal background check for every gun sold in America, a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines, and a strengthened criminal code which makes gun trafficking a federal crime. Last month a group of actors and musical artists posted a YouTube video viewed by millions on behalf of Demand a Plan to raise awareness of their cause.


WE WILL NOT DISARM. Do you understand that? If you try, you will need
body bags. Lots of them. Freedom is not free, and we are not afraid to
die in its defense. Are you afraid to die for your agenda?


Killing people is legal ... under certain circumstances.

Why high capacity clips ?
In the event of a catastrophe or event ,there could be mob violence, with MULTIPLE criminals trying to enter your property at once.

Unlikey I admit, but not impossible.

While most of us are willing to bet our lives that this will never happen, there are some out there who won't.

Do you actually believe that millions of people buy high capacity assault rifles because they plan to mass murder children in our schools?


@HarryMasters   LOL  mob violence LOL that is the best one yet...    The MOBS shop at walmart too,  They are going to have the exact same guns as you!!!  


@HarryMasters No, but I do believe that lots of people are paranoid crackpots who believe that the rapture is just around the corner. 


@forJoeSake @HarryMasters  The Mobs have guns too, so I'm better off not having a gun? 

 That is your argument?

Mob Violence? 

Remember Rodney King? 

Now Imagine the reaction if someone were to terminate our leader ?

Imagine a meteorite strike like the one in 1912, followed by food shortages and Marshall Law.

There are thousands of scenarios , so the odds of one of them happening are not as statistically remote as we have become accustom to.