Don’t Miss the Golden Age of Political Web Videos

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In the final weeks of the campaign, all the best–by which I mean, most vicious, least honest, most strident– advertisements get dropped on television screens. On YouTube, something similar has been happening. We are, in this moment, experiencing a golden era of web video in politics, like sweeps week for viral political junkies.

Here is a new video from the Obama Campaign, with all the production quality, and just half the snark, of a Onion mock-news cast.

Didn’t see anything like that in 2004.

But in terms of production expense, the Obama campaign’s mock newscast is nothing compared to the well lit blacksmith and massive sound engineering that went into this spot, by the Value Voters USA.

And then there is the pending apocalypse, an entire genre of political web video that was pioneered by Lucas Baiano, who is now doing work in Massachusetts for Scott Brown. Here is a spot done for the super PAC once dedicated to electing Newt Gingrich president.

My question is this: How can America be in decline when it’s creating great web videos like these?