Ballot Initiative of the Day: Will Wyoming Resist Obamacare?

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The US Supreme Court may have upheld most of ObamaCare as constitutional this summer, but Wyoming is pushing another avenue to challenge the health care law–a state constitutional amendment on the ballot Nov. 6. The “Wyoming Healthcare Freedom Amendment A,” as its supporters call it, attempts to let individuals sidestep the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s insurance mandate.

Wyoming’s GOP-backed legislature approved the amendment last year, one month before Obama signed the PPACA into law. Senator Leslie Nutting sponsored the proposal and continues to push for its approval. “Amendment A supports both individual and state rights in the area of health care,” she says, arguing that the Obamacare threatens Wyoming’s fiscal future and will likely be defunded. “Amendment A will give us more say in its replacement.”

On the other side, the Equality State Policy Center in Wyoming has called the amendment a nullification bill. “The summer SCOTUS ruling on the ACA essentially renders the amendment moot,” explains Dan Neal, who directs the Equality State Policy Center in Wyoming.  “Worse, the language is so vague that even the sponsors can’t assert that it clearly enables Wyoming residents to escape the mandate.”

Wyoming is not alone in its attempt to again challenge the Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court. Alabama and Florida, the state that led the ACA lawsuit to the Supreme Court, have also proposed constitutional amendments, and Montana and Missouri have put forth state laws. All the measures were drafted prior to the Supreme Court decision, so even if any of the ballot propositions pass, they will likely have little impact.


ObamaCare will do nothing for you. It will not reduce the cost of healthcare. It will not improve existing healthcare. It will line the pockets of insurance companies (so you better buy stock in health insurance) getting paid additional billions of dollars a year in premiums paid by folks that are otherwise healthy and don't need health insurance. This goes straight into insurance company coffers, nowhere else.

 It can't even be called a tax to subsidize ObamasCares' plan to widen Medicare and Medicaid enrollment to cover millions of additional people. Where will that money come from? Oh yeah, by cutting reimbursements to healthcare providers even further!

That's the ticket! Let's drive out all the healthcare providers (or drive them into large HMO-like conglomerates by paying them so little they can't afford to practice privately, like they are now), and keep the money! See, everyone will have insurance, government get's to keep its money, insurance companies get to make money hand over fist. Except for the minor inconvenience of no one having access to decent healthcare. But who cares, you wanted "Change", well, you all are going to get it.

You think healthcare is expensive now, wait till it's free!

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It's a pity that so many of those voters will decide based on misinformation instead of finding out for themselves what Obamacare can and will do for them.

Informed citizens don't need a biased filter to decide, but it's in human nature to employ one anyways.

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Nice country we had.... until part of it went totally, off-the-rails bonkers... all because "one of them" had the gall to get elected President.

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@AfGuy To be fair, we (the electorate) helped out a lot by voting in total nutters to the state legislatures and Governors' offices in 2010.  The effects of that mistake (including redistricting) will be felt long after the current GOP clowns are finally kicked out of national office.

My own home state of Montana was particularly hard hit:

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I know what you're talking about...

I live in Kentucky.  Every GOP candidate here is running against their Dem opponent by tying them to support for Obamacare.... even if they have to STRAIN to make the connection.

I've seen Southern Baptists here go absolutely frothy-mouthed if Obama's name is mentioned. If a radio is on, it's tuned to El Blimpo. Waiting room? Bet your sweet a$$ it's showing Fox.

And if the conversation turns to politics, any question frames uses GOP phrasing and talking points. Only place you can have a semi-intelligent convo is about the weather.  We've had major drought conditions and the storms lately are somewhat nastier than in the past.  They want to know why.... and why they are seeing armadillos on the sides of the roads this far north.

AfGuy 3 Like

They don't like it phrased like that... but, if you just point out that thing's are getting hotter than they used to be (and let them draw their own conclusions), you can see a light coming on.

Just don't use any of the "hot phrases" thay have been conditioned to ignore.

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@AfGuy I'm just guessing that there isn't a lot of talk about climate change however -- I mean other than that it's just a librul joke.