Morning Must Reads: Swing

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Colorado: Romney 48%, Obama 47% (CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac)
Florida: Obama 47%, Romney 46% (NBC/WSJ/Marist)
Michigan: Obama 49%, Romney 42% (Detroit News)
Ohio: Obama 51%, Romney 45% (NBC/WSJ/Marist)
Virginia: Romney 48%, Obama 47% (NBC/WSJ/Marist)
Virginia: Obama 51%, Romney 46% (CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac)
Wisconsin: Obama 50%, Romney 47% (CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac)

Benevolent Lawyer
Benevolent Lawyer

BIDEN WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The LYING and evasive RYAN continued to bob and weave and LIE.  Flipping Misogynistic NEOPHYTE!!

This was a great day for all college educated women who wanted assurance that WE ALL need to make sure that Romney will NOT appoint SCOTUS judges. We saw Ryan talk about OUR reproductive rights and what what they will "permit" us do or not do. Jerks!!!

Just like in MA, Romney will lose!! We refuse to be dragged back to the 19th century. We fought for our rights, and Romney and Ryan can take their legitimate RAPE definitions and eat it.  

Hip Hip Hip HURRAAAYYYY!! Go Biden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vote Obama/Biden 2012



 "Also unmoved by common sense, reality or human decency."


I am particularly unmoved by adolescents who name themselves for a bug,


 In some ways, tonight's debate is at least

as important as the debates between the presidential candidates. For

the first time in history, a catholic christer is debating a catholic

christer....on some very touchy christer issues. This is not a small

thing, considering the enormous number of catholic christers in the

country. If they play their cards right, this could be a VERY

interesting evening.


 Why did Barry lie?  Because that's what he does.

Why The Obama Administration Lied About Benghazi

A. A terrorist attack on US soil that resulted in the death of four

Americans including an ambassador does not substantiate the

administration's assertion that President Obama's foreign policy has

been a success. The fact that four years of apologies and appeasements

did not result in the new era of mutual respect Mr. Obama promised; but

rather in more hate and terror will not assist the president in winning a

second term.

B. The administration wanted to cover-up the fact that it denied

and/or ignored requests for additional security in Libya. In the weeks

after the Benghazi attack, multiple requests from US officials in Libya

have been uncovered which show concern over the lack of security there.

Ambassador Stevens himself repeatedly asked the Obama administration for

more security in Benghazi but his requests were denied. US Security

Officer Eric Nordstrom asked his State Department superiors for more

security agents months before the Benghazi attack but got no response.

C. Blaming the ridiculous YouTube video for the attack in

Benghazi gave the president another opportunity to apologize for

American values rather than defend them. The day after the murders, Mr.

Obama condemned the violence but also condemned criticism of Islam. This

attempt to morally equate murder with the exercise of free speech was

such an obvious political disaster that the president had to quickly

release a statement asserting that the First Amendment "is one of the

hallmarks of our Constitution that I'm sworn to uphold, and so we are

always going to uphold the rights for individuals to speak their mind."

D. They thought they could get away with it. With the mainstream

media tucked comfortably in Mr. Obama's pocket for years, there was

good reason for the administration to believe that if they repeatedly

lied about what happened in Benghazi, the lie would be reported as the

undisputed truth. In the most blatant case, US Ambassador to the United

Nations Susan Rice appeared on numerous television programs stating the

attack was "a spontaneous - not a premeditated - response to what had

transpired in Cairo" and that what transpired in Cairo "was a violent

protest that was undertaken in reaction to this very offensive video."

The dutiful media aired what we now know to be brazen lies without


As the State Department begins to reveal the truth and the

Congressional investigation moves forward, it looks like the answer is

most likely

E. All of the above.


But the Daily Beast’s Eli Lake

on Wednesday reported that intelligence officials said “the early

information was enough to show that the attack was planned and the work

of al Qaeda affiliates operating in Eastern Libya.” “There was very good

information on this in the first 24 hours,” one of the officials told

Lake. “These guys have a return address. There are camps of people and a

wide variety of things we could do.”

So, much for the liberal lie that the narrative changed as new info came out.  Intelligence knew it was Al Qaeda immediately, and Barry and his goons lied about it for two weeks.



"As new information came to light the narrative changed to reflect it. That is not lying, it is being transparent with the updated intelligence."


It sure seems like the Obama regime went off half-cocked. A definite case of shooting first and aiming later. Is it amateur hour at the White House?



"You are an expert in BS, aren't you?"


I have a very sensitive BS detector. I can spot liberal BS from a mile away.


Susan Rice, when you are finished celebrating LGBTs, do you think it would be too much to ask if you could tell the f ing truth about Benghazi?




"Hyperbole. This is why I don't take you seriously Paul."


Horrors! The people who follow me around like groupies don't take me seriously. Why is that as credible as an Obama promise?



"Was it available within 24 hours Paul?"



"They DID know: Now White House admits they knew 'within 24 hours' that Al Qaeda was behind Libya attacks despite confusing public statements"

So, why the two weeks of blatant lies?


Another loony liberal out of touch, out of her mind, defends Barry.  This time it's the DNC chair.  Obama fears the truth; he is desperate to hide it.

How un-American is it to leave our diplomats defenseless even after they beg for more security?  How un-American is it to blame it on a stupid youtube video, spreading more violence throughout Muslim countries?  Barry built that.


Teacher's union's tantrums are costly.


And that has to do with what I wrote how? Changing the subject again? First you talk about about this one person being a representative of all of us then you post a link to a cost of 7.5 mill which is first of all wrong and second of all was taken care of by the union.

Romney and the rest of the GOP should be so happy to have someone as intellectually lazy parrot as you who spend the entire day spamming one link after another without actually finding out if is true or not and then the rest of the time bragging about how smartipants you are.

Protesters had, by all accounts, policed themselves, including creating cleanup details and other organizational efforts. They used blue painters’ tape to hang their signs -- at the request of state officials. Some protesters said the state had actually provided the tape to avoid lasting damage.

The same day, the state provided a different memo, from Peter Maternowski, deputy administrator of the Division of State Facilities. It was written that day, addressed to Huebsch.That memo said the cleanup would cost $347,500 if the work did not require a historic preservation specialist. That’s 20 times less than the original claim.

Tish, the preservationist/blogger, returned for a look that same day."The extent of what I saw today is just chips and nicks -- cosmetic damage," he said in an interview. "I don’t see how they (protesters) could have conducted themselves any better."

But then again you're not really here for the truth. You're here to poke, agitate and behave like an arse and when someone gives you an emotional response back you declare victory by fiat of the fact that you don't sweat small things like facts and truth.


Why did Barry lie about Libya?  Still the Obama regime won't face the reality that they were responsible.   Obama can never take responsibility. 

 "Obama's deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, managed to record

what might be the most offensive and out-of-touch soundbite to come out

of this election cycle. Speaking with Brooke Baldwin about the September

11, 2012 terrorist attack in Libya that claimed the lives of Ambassador

Chris Stevens and three others, Cutter actually had the gall to say

that this is only an issue because Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are making

it one."


"Krauthammer On Libya Cover Up: Hillary Clinton Told Video Story While Body Of Ambassador Was Next To Her"


The Ambassador died and the Obama regime lied, and lied, and lied. 



"BREAKING: Every teacher in Paul's mind is a killer in the making."


The teacher in WI obviously harbored homicidal tendencies. 


Endthreading because you keep avoiding my question Paul.

How would a DC-3 Airplane have prevented the attacks on the American embassy in Libya?  What does Valerie Jarrett's secret service detail have to do with it?  You know they're on two completely different budgets right?


I will be truly disappointed if Biden does not, at some point during the debate, in response to one of Ryan's outrageous assertions about the "failings" of the Obama Administration, give his best Cheshire Cat smile, chuckle, look at Ryan and say: "Y'know, Bill was *do* have a lot of brass..." 



 "and right wing thugs shoot up temples and blow up federal buildings. Not sure what your point is exactly?"


Right wing thugs are not unionized. Left wing thugs are.



"Ok.  If you want to keep talking about Big Bird make sure you get the memo to Romney."


Romney: "You have to scratch your head when the president spends the last week talking about saving Big Bird," he said. "I actually think we need to have a president who talks about saving the American people and saving good jobs."



"The site not associated to the campaign? Who knows, why don't you find out instead of guessing. Smart people do that."


Just click on, Ob. It's enlightening.


Obamacare may decide this election, after all:

The health care overhaul that President Obama

intended to be the signature achievement of his first term instead has

become a significant problem in his bid for a second one, uniting

Republicans in opposition and eroding his standing among independents.

In a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of the nation's dozen top battleground

states, a clear majority of registered voters call the bill's passage "a

bad thing" and support its repeal if a Republican wins the White House

in November.

Senior fears have exposed a fundamental truth about what Mr. Obama is

proposing: Namely, once health care is nationalized, or mostly

nationalized, rationing care is inevitable, and those who have lived the

longest will find their care the most restricted.

Валерій Харченко
Валерій Харченко

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Unionized teachers provide the jack booted storm troopers for the Obama regime.

"Romney calls Samantha Pawlucy, girl at center of T-shirt dust up; citizens show up to voice support"

"Angered by a teenagers claims of being humiliated by a teacher over a Romney/Ryan T-shirt, students at Charles Carroll High School ignoredwarnings from administrators and shouted obscenities out school windows at the girls parents Friday morning."

These thugs are the human debris that are brainwashing the kids, people.


"The 5 Million Green Jobs That Weren't"

 "Digging into the public records of the $ 21 billion spent so far through 19 U.S. Department of Energy programs reveals 3,960 projects that employ 28,854 people."

Obama's "green" jobs schemes are just one more scam perpetrated on the taxpayer.


"Romney's Ad Buy Tops President's"

"When spending by independent super PACs is included, the mismatch is wider. Mr. Romney and his allies will combine for $ 31.4 million this week, compared with $ 19.7 million for Mr. Obama and his supporters, according to data from one media tracker."

It's not 2008. This time Barry has a fight on his hands.


"Romney's Ad Buy Tops President's"

"When spending by independent super PACs is included, the mismatch is wider. Mr. Romney and his allies will combine for $31.4 million this week, compared with $19.7 million for Mr. Obama and his supporters, according to data from one media tracker."

Barry won't have a free run as he did in 2008. This time he's got a fight on his hand.


 MIAMI -- Kimberly Kelley of Tampa has provided Florida elections

officials with thousands of names of people she thinks may be ineligible

to vote and should be removed from the rolls. On Election Day, she'll

join thousands more – people of all political stripes – to monitor


"I believe there is fraud both ways. I don't think it's a specific

group," said Kelley, a registered Republican whose group is called Tampa

Vote Fair. "We're just there to observe. We're not going to intimidate


Poll watchers from unions, immigration groups and other

organizations favoring greater voter access will also be on hand. Gihan

Perera of the group Florida New Majority said training sessions are

being held for observers and communications lines set up to respond to


"We'll be aware and vigilant so that all of the rules and processes

are honored and that our people are able to vote with ease," he said.

With polls showing a close race between President Barack Obama and

Republican nominee Mitt Romney, a relative handful of votes either way

in a battleground state like Florida or Ohio could make all the

difference. The potential for disruptive crowds of observers at some

precincts has sparked fears that voters may be intimidated or harassed

or have their eligibility to vote challenged directly.

The concern is particularly intense among African-American and

Hispanic voters, who historically have suffered discrimination and were

targeted anew in more recent elections, civil rights leaders say.


 Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) publicly broke with GOP presidential nominee

Mitt Romney's espoused approach to foreign policy on Wednesday, writing

in a column for CNN that he was "a bit dismayed" by the former governor's remarks made two days earlier.

"Romney chose to criticize President Obama for seeking to cut a

bloated Defense Department and for not being bellicose enough in the

Middle East, two assertions with which I cannot agree," Paul wrote. "We

owe it to ourselves, our soldiers and our children to take a more

careful look at our foreign policy, to not rush into war, and to not

attempt to score political points with wrongheaded policy ideas."