Morning Must Reads: Turnaround

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Do we want a buddy who will pat us on the back? Who wears a Bruins jersey with the boys? Or a leader who will fight for our right to form unions and bargain for a better life?


Help support the change in the way election campaign funds

are raised.  Stop the Super Pacs from

steering the candidates and ruling the government. 

Come march on Congress and show them that the American

Population do not want candidates to be persuaded by these Super Pacs any more.


and help raise the awareness of this problem.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

Mitt Romney needs to feature Paul Ryan more in his campaign. That

false facade of economic intellectualism that the know-nothing Ryan has

so carefully cultivated is so easily demolished every time he opens his

mouth, and the ideas he expresses are so outrageously anti-democratic

and oligarchic, that he could become Barack Obama's most major asset

(although Mitt seems to be striving mightily to retain that accolade for


See, the fact is, Ayn Rand was NOT one of our Founding Fathers, and most people are glad of that. Paul Ryan helps to remind Americans exactly what the Republican Party stands for -- a peasantry ruled over by their own robber barons -- and the better the American voter gets to know the Republicans, the less likely he or she is to vote for any of 'em.


Outsider, I almost forgot one of Barry's rules, misdirection.

Here's a video for you while you wait for my link.

I blame it all on that video, outsider.  Yep. 


It's so hard to have everybody play under Barry's rules when he keeps changing them every day.



Frustrated lawmakers are calling on the Obama administration to get

its story straight on what happened in last week's deadly attack on the

U.S. Consulate in Libya, with President Obama coming under pressure to

address the American people about the evolving narrative. 

"You hate to think that the president would purposely mislead the

American people, but it sure looks like it to me," House Armed Services

Committee Chairman Buck McKeon, R-Calif., said. 

Me too, and anyone with a brain.  That excludes the hive.


Obama, can you even say terrorist attack?  WTF."The best way to marginalize that kind of speech is to ignore it," he said.

And what did you and your administration do, Barry?  You ran to every media outlet and denounced the video and apologized.  What a load of Horse chit this guy is.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

 Excuse me for a minute...I have to run outside and see if I left the windows rolled down in my private jet....

Spider's Web
Spider's Web

This is starting to get worrying/embarrassing/demoralizing for the Romney campaign. On the other hand, for concerned Republicans/conservatives/TeaBaggers out there, the ONLY poll that matters is the one on election day. So Suppress that vote! ;-) 

There is scarcely a single swing state with Romney leading right now, even North Carolina is either tied or Obama is leading which I assumed was Tea Party-country. I'm tempted to say that if Obama loses from this advantage point, it will be due to gross political malpractice! No wonder Ramp;R are bussing off to ground zero in the electoral battleground, Ohio. Win that state or bust! Have a Nice Day! :-)


If there is ANY drama left in the presidential race, it has to come from sites that at least show Mitt with a fighting chance. I give Adam the benefit of a doubt because he's tossed out some great "1000 Words" in the last few months. This election has been lousy if we wanted some suspense.


That NJ article on Colorado was epically crappy (and I already had my standards pretty low when I realized it came from the National Journal).  First off, they describe Colorado as "the rare swing state that has kept a red hue on an electoral map where many battlegrounds are turning blue."  How blue has it been on the election maps?  Well, of the last 27 polls of the state since February or 2011, Romney has led in exactly 3 of them (there have also been 3 ties).  10 of the last 11 polls have shown Obama with a lead, and the last two polls to show Romney with a "lead" gave him advantages of 2% and 1%.  In other words, out of 27 polls over a 21-month period, Romney has had a lead outside of the 5% margin of error exactly one time.  What does the 5% MOE mean?  It means that even if the race was actually tied among Colorado voters, we'd expect 1 in every 20 (i.e. 5%) polls to show Romney with a statistically significant lead.  In other words, unless pollsters are completely wrong this year, there is no way Romney wins Colorado.  Why in god's name would Adam link to such an obviously crappy article?  (and I'm not even going to get into the journal labeling Colorado as part of the Southwest instead of the Mountain West).  I expect better in MMR!


I've got a question.

We've got paulie posting stuff stolen from an Arabic language site. We've got ahandout posting stuff stolen from a Chinese language site. Here's a link to Republicans misappropriating musicians:

So, if you're a rightwinger, it's either okay to steal stuff from creatives (they're all mostly liberals anyway) or it's okay to steal from foreigners (especially THOSE kinda foreigners).

My question for the rightwingers is this: Which is it? That you have no respect for artists? Or that you have no respect for non-Americans? Or both?


Is it the truth this time?  And what about the death of Chris Stevens?  Can we have the president get around to telling us the truth on that?  Or, is he too busy appearing on The View.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

 In 2007 Romney said that free care in ER's was "socialism".  On 60 Minutes he swears its ok to treat the uninsured in ER's.  One thing you can say for Mitt: if you don't like what he says, just wit five minutes.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

Wonder why Romney lost Wisconsin so big and so badly?

Did he get caught on video, using cheese spread in an aerosol can???

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich


Michigan: Obama 54%, Romney 42%   

What's this all about, RepubliKKKrappers?

Did Rasmussen join the massive liberal polling and media conspiaracy?  

On the other hand, maybe your "candidate" is a big we've been telling you for months.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

2008? so yesterday ...  

stock market was 8000 13,500+  

not losing 750,000 jobs each month for month after month ...  

Yes ... I am better off

Another reason Obama has won.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich


We also cannot be expected to believe anyone you

would have put forth would have been any better on any issue, domestic or

foreign, economical or social. The previous 8 year Republican Administration

was a catastrophe on all fronts and in the ensuing years, the Party operatives

have chosen to do nothing to correct it or own it. They have lost all

credibility, particularly so when they have the same advisers on board for the

next Administration they plan. 


We cannot be expected to endorse a political party

that has planned to suppress the votes of millions of eligible voters in order

to win the election. Nor to "come aboard" after having every segment

of our population insulted verbally by everyone in Congress and across State

Legislators that belong to what is technically called the Republican Party.

That Romney has written off half of us, on the basis that our income levels

being below $200,000 a year, is not all that surprising. What is surprising is

that a man who discloses nothing of truth, would be so dumb as to disclose this

damaging truth about himself, even if it was in "quiet rooms with dim

lights and closed doors". 


Finally, Conservatives, there is no one else who

could be doing a better job at winning this election for you. We just do not

like what you are selling and that is the bottom line, no matter who you might

have selected to market it. You have no one else remaining that is any better

than these two. You no longer have experienced, mature, honest, sensible

legislators or leaders left. Every one is an opportunistic "whack

job" who could not hold down a job out here in the real world where the

rest of us live.


Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich



need to look at themselves. The majority of the American people who are

rejecting both Romney and Ryan are also rejecting what the Republican Party has

become and their record of performance over these past 4 years. Romney/Ryan are

simply continuing the 4 year narrative and script of the "Fail The

President" campaign that started on Inauguration Day and is in it's final



We didn't like it through these 4 years and we don't

like it now; we don't buy it. For one, it relies upon frank lies and distortion

and, though Ryan is better at delivering the lies and distortions than Romney

is, his delivery provokes anger and disgust from the people because, having

lived through the past 4 years, we know Ryan was part of what he lies about and

we didn't like his budget when he first introduced it and we like it less now.

Romney is a big liar, too, lying about his entire professional career, which is

repulsive. Only when he lies about the same stuff Ryan lies about, he looks

pathetic, weak, and disgusting. 


Is your head airtight?  It might explode in November.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

Ryan is a drawbridge Republican.

Having managed to squeek through college using Social Security after his father died, he now wants to draw the bridge up over the moat, and deny that opportunity to others.

He is the classic Washington insider, who never had a job in the private sector

(unless you count his days as a driver of the Weinermobile) and had his head up Jack Kemp's backside in order to get his start in politics.

He passes for a policy wonk in a Republican Party that is totally bereft of any new ideas for solving the nation's problems.

Romney REALLY screwed himself with this guy!


Now Romney shows he is so brainless that he doesn't know why aircraft are airtight?  I guess he got educated by Bugs Bunny cartoons.   

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

 - Ohio: Obama 48.8%; Romney 44.7%

Obama:  HELLO Ohio!

Romney:  Bu-bye, Ohio.


Still no link from the Obama administration on what happened to our Ambassador?

If it was self evident, then why all the lies?

 "The White House admitted today it was

'self-evident' that the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya was a

terrorist act - but the President himself refused to use this phrase or

confirm al-Qaeda involvement."


And religion isn't a charity any more than sports.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich polls!

Colorado: Obama 51%, Romney 45% (Public Policy Polling) 


Florida: Obama 50%, Romney 45% (American Research Group) 


Iowa: Obama 51%, Romney 44% (American Research Group) 


Michigan: Obama 54%, Romney 42% (Rasmussen) 


North Carolina: Obama 49%, Romney 45% (Civitas) 


Nevada: Obama 51%, Romney 44% (American Research Group) 


Wisconsin: Obama 53%, Romney 41% (We Ask America)

Looks like the weather has changed in North Carolina.

No wonder the RepubliKKKrappers are melting down.



Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich


Let’s see where we stand, today…shall we?: 


Current toss-up states standings (100 electoral


- Colorado: Obama 48.3%; Romney 46% 

- Florida: Obama 48.3%; Romney 46% 

- Iowa: Obama 47%; Romney 44.7% 

- Nevada: Obama 48.3%; Romney 45.8% 

- New Hampshire (one of Romney’s home states): Obama

46%; Romney 45% 

- North Carolina: Obama 46.6%; Romney 48.4 – THE

ONLY STATE ROMNEY IS LEADING -- or was, anyway....

- Ohio: Obama 48.8%; Romney 44.7% 

- Virginia: Obama 50%; Romney 45% 


Current Electoral standings (270 needed to


Obama 247; Romney 191