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Sanity on Iran

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A powerful bipartisan group of experts, led by Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski, ┬áhas issued a policy paper that raises grave doubts about the efficacy of a military attack on Iran. The report raises many of the same concerns I did in this space yesterday. It serves to further isolate the neoconservative extremists who, at the behest of Bibi Netanyahu, are trying to plump for yet another unnecessary war in the region. The blinkered persistence of the neocons–who have been proven conclusively to be wrong about the use of American power over the past decade–is astonishing. They have no constituency in America outside a handful of disgraceful single-issue moneybags like Sheldon Adelson and those evangelicals foolish enough to believe that a Greater Israel is a necessary precursor to the Rapture. And yet, Mitt Romney has turned to them for wisdom–which is one of the main reasons why Romney has seemed so imprudent and unwise on foreign policy these past few days.