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Our convention coverage from Tampa continues today, but don’t miss last night’s tag-teamed wrap-up or…

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

phonydrearljr1/georgiamd: "Both my wife and I thought Ann Romney knocked the ball out of the park last night."

Your wife?  You're kidding!  I thought Tammy Faye was dead.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich


Here is a suggestion to

all those on the right, whether you’re a christ-cult pope, phonydrearljr1/georgiamd, a rightwingnut radio

host, a Republicrap in the U.S. or a Taliban in Kandahar: Take a year off from

shaming women. For one year, change the focus of your shaming. Focus shame on

men who try to meddle in women’s business such as abortion. For one year, focus

your shame on organizations that won’t give women a chance to apply for the top

job. You might even try something really bold: aim your shame at men who

procreate carelessly. After thirty-plus years of hearing women shamed

relentlessly by male-dominated institutions such as the catholic christ-cult,

the US House Of Representatives, the GOP, the Taliban and the like, it would be

refreshing to go for a spell without hearing endless repetitions of that tired

old Garden Of Eden story that it’s all women’s fault.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

 Pennsylvania Senate candidate Tom Smith: 'Pregnancy out of wedlock is rape.'





Conservatives yearn for simpler

times, times when women knew their place was in the home, in the kitchen

slaving over a hot stove to have dinner on the table by the time the husband

came home from work.  The “Ozzie and

Harriet” fetish lives in the minds of the conservatives even if never was much

of a reality in the first place.


The Nelsons only had the two boys

and, I think ideally, conservatives believe women should be bred like sows – so

what gives?  Like Eve who was cursed to

feel pain during childbirth for her sampling of the forbidden fruit,

conservatives believe sex, at least sex practiced by women, should have

consequences.  I wonder: what did

Harriet do for birth control?  Aspirin?


As soon as I wrote the above, I

was overcome with the feeling that I’d committed a gross overstep.  After all, Harriet’s birth control method is

none of my business.  That bit of

information belongs in the Nelson’s bedroom, not in a public forum.


Why don’t conservatives have the same sense of decency?  Why don’t the Santorums and Akins of the

world, when they talk about how people should and should not have sex, feel

deeply embarrassed?  That’s the central

question, I think, in all  of this so-called

controversy.  Why do conservatives

believe that they have the right to intrude in the very private affairs of

women and their families?  It seems that

conservatives have little sense of privacy on a wide range of so-called social

issues, and much of that is biblically inspired due to the hijacking of

conservatism by the religious right.  To

be a conservative in America in 2012 is synonymous with being an evangelical

Christian who makes it his or her business to tell you how to live your life.


Do you have sex for fun, be it heterosexual, homosexual or

sex with yourself?  You are a sinner,

and legislation should be passed to punish you.  You see, God is obsessed, absolutely obsessed with sex.  So are his followers.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets

conservatives foaming at the mouth more than sex.  And God forbid you have some fun while doing it.


Abortion, and all of the rhetoric it inspires on the right,

is not about life.  Pro-life is, and

always has been, a misnomer.  It is

about sex and the need for women to suffer for having it.  It is about control.  There has [sic] to be consequences.  That a woman can, as of this writing, have

an abortion and therefore shirk those consequences is galling to

conservatives.  A woman, if she behaves

like a “$lut” or a “pro$titute”, must pay the price for her sin.  So, when the Rick Santorums and Rush

Limbaughs of the world decide to insert themselves into your bedroom, it is

because they believe they have the god-given mandate to be there.


I live in the State of Mississippi, where last fall the

so-called personhood amendment that would have granted human rights to embryos

failed by a 60-40 margin, which shocked me. 

Everywhere I drove I saw personhood support signs in people’s front

yards.  But, quite behind the scenes, a

groundswell of outrage took hold and women realized that they did not want the

government telling them what they could and could not do in the privacy of

their own homes.


It shows that things have changed, that women are sick and

tired of their bodies being used for political battlegrounds.  Even in Mississippi, that most backward

ofstates, women want their birth control and they want the Santorums of the

world to butt out.


That in 2012 we are still talking about such things in

the United States shows just how regressive the conservative movement has

remade the GOP, and the GOP must now pay the price for its choice of

bedfellows.  I find the discourse about

the sexual practices of women so off-putting, so unbelievably embarrassing and

inappropriate.  Why don’t conservatives

feel that way too?

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

Interesting.  The American public seems far more interested in Issac than in Mitt.  I guess they realize that Storm Mitt has passed and continues to be impotent, while Issac still holds potential to change the landscape of part of America.

Maybe Mitt The Mormon should say a prayer or two to St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes.  Joseph Smith doesn't seem to be doing much for him.


I was told there may be an article in an old "Limbaugh news letter" from 93 in which endorsed the then Republic alternative plan with the individual mandate

I can't find anything with basics search engine . is there anybody out there that have better information sources or can find these original letters and see if that is true ?. an indoor Smits from a Limbaugh source would just about to kill any future opposites excuses .


Flip-flop, Flip-flop, Flip-flop, Flip-flop, is it Easter morning?

Here’s why we don’t understand the Republicans’ all out attack on health care reform: Most of what’s in the new law are things they supported in the past.

1993: Republican Proposal for Health Reform In response to the Clinton administration’s ultimately unsuccessful push for health care reform, the Republicans put forth their own bill– the Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act of 1993:

The bill would have created a new system through which small businesses and individuals could purchase health insurance. It would have banned insurance companies from denying coverage or canceling coverage based on pre-existing conditions, they couldn’t charge more based on health status, and plans would have to provide certain minimum benefits. Individuals would have to buy insurance if they didn’t get it through their employer, but the government would provide assistance in the form of vouchers to those who couldn’t afford it.

Sound familiar?

When this bill was proposed by Senator John Chafee (R-RI) back in 1993 it attracted 18 Republican cosponsors,including some of the same senators who have called Obama’s plan a government takeover of health care. For example, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), called the current health reform law a “step-by-step approach to socialized medicine” that threatens the existence of the two-party system. He was a cosponsor of the 1993 Republican bill.

2006: Massachusetts An even more recent example of Republicans supporting a health reform nearly identical to the Affordable Care Act, was in Massachusetts. Republican Governor Mitt Romney negotiated a health care bill with the Democratic controlled legislature in 2006 that:

created exchanges for individuals to purchase private insurance; requires that everyone had insurance; provides subsidies for people who couldn’t afford it; and prevents insurance companies from denying or canceling coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

Again, sound familiar?

The Heritage Foundation, a leading conservative think tank (which counts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as proud members), worked with Mitt Romney and even sent representatives to the signing of the Massachusetts law. Yet they’ve aggressively attacked the same ideas in President Obama’s plan. The website Think Progress compiled a list of some of their most blatant contradictions:

– 2006, Heritage On Romney’s Individual Mandate: “Not an unreasonable position, and one that is clearly consistent with conservative values.” [Heritage, 1/28/06]

– 2009, Heritage On President Obama’s Individual Mandate: “Both unprecedented and unconstitutional.” [Heritage, 12/9/09]

– 2006, Heritage On Romney’s Insurance Exchange: An “innovative mechanism to promote real consumer choice.” [Heritage, 4/20/06]

– 2009, Heritage On President Obama’s Insurance Exchange: Creates a “de facto public option” by “grow[ing]” government control over healthcare.” [Heritage, 3/30/10]

– 2006, Heritage On Romney’s Medicaid Expansion: Reduced “the total cost to taxpayers” by taking people out of the “uncompensated care pool.” [Heritage, 1/28/06]

– 2009, Heritage On President Obama’s Medicaid Expansion: Expands a “broken entitlement program,” providing a “low-quality, poorly functioning program.” [Heritage, 3/30/10]

Why the all-out attacks then? Given this history, it’s hard to believe that most Republican leaders really think Obama and the Democrats’ approach to health reform is a socialist “government takeover.” Sure there may have been elements that they disagreed with, but they could have negotiated to change certain provisions in exchange for voting yes on the final bill.

They didn’t. The only Republicans who even hinted that they might vote for the final bill were from Maine. Republicans instead decided to take Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol’s advice:

“With Obamacare on the ropes, there will be a temptation for opponents to let up on their criticism, and to try to appear constructive, or at least responsible. My advice, for what it’s worth:

Resist the temptation. This is no time to pull punches. Go for the kill.”

It appears that Republicans tried to kill the bill, not because they thought it was fundamentally bad policy, but simply because it would help them politically. In the words of Rep. Jim Demint, they hoped it would be Obama’s “Waterloo. It will break him.”

As cynical as this strategy may be, it worked the last time around. Clinton’s failure to pass health reform is often cited as a major factor behind the Republican take over of the House in 1994. We’ll find out in November how well the strategy has worked this year.

Meanwhile, the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation has a great side-by-side comparison of the Affordable Care Act, the 1993 Republican proposal, and House Minority Leader, John Boehner’s (R-OH) health reform proposal. Check it out!



'I said "here", '


"Here" is just an echo chamber for the usual bilge to be found on liberal outlets. In all the time I have been here, I have never observed a single original idea emanating from the hive mind.


What's with the violence by Democrat candidates or their minions? First it's Cherokee Indian Princess Elizabeth Warren and now this...

"Dem candidate in VA-05 hits videographer"


Both my wife and I thought Ann Romney knocked the ball out of the park last night. She was refined, eloquent and believable. As Harold Macmillan once said:

"No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed, indeed".

Mitt truly is blessed and no doubt about it, she would make a wonderful first lady.


"Sick: Wikipedia entry calls Mia Love ‘dirty, worthless wh*re’ and ‘House N*gger’ " 

A less sophisticated bunch than the liberal mainstream media with the same racial arsonist goals.


Introducing a new movie starng Romney and Ryan the Righteous, Regressive Republicans, inspired by the Jim Cary movie, now showing only at the convention.....

"Flip and Flip-floppererer"

Congressman Paul Ryan is too contradictory for me!

He goes to the Villages, Florida (a retirement community with the median age of 68.7 years old) and tells the crowd that he is not changing their Medicare benefits. He says he is going to put the $716B that President Obama has taken out of the program and put that money back into Medicare. Ryan doesn't tell you that President Obama's cuts are in the future fee schedules which are designed to save Medicare. Ryan is going to put that money back into a system that is scheduled to go broke by 2024 without the cuts.

He goes on to say that the people that are 55 now will have a choice of a voucher or traditional Medicare 10 years from now. He forgets to tell the people that they will need to wait until they are 67 years old to collect from Medicare with the rules he plans to implement, so they will need to pay out of pocket for two years or wait until they are 67 to retire if there is enough funds left. Sounds like a solution to the unemployment program!

Oh, if he plans to kill the Affordable Care Act, how he is going to fix healthcare, cut taxes for the wealthiest people, and take care of the middle class and the poor in this country.

Ryan also forgot to tell you that he has a professed admiration for Ayn Rand, an Atheist who saw selfishness as a virtue and celebrated free market capitalism. Ryan, who is the author of the GOP's proposed budget and Medicare plan said that Rand's philosophy was sorely needed right now. Hard to reconcile leaders of the GOP praising someone (Rand)who is about as anti Christ as one can get. Rand said that religion was evil and argued that the weak are beyond love and undeserving of it. Does Ryan apply his beliefs to the middle class and needy when big money is pulling his strings?

Romney made a bold pick, but who's in charge and do we want to spend the next four years restructuring Healthcare? Maybe we should just cut congressional salaries and expense budgets and apply that savings to the deficit. There seems to be enough money floating around Washington to afford this.



"Why would the dems have anything against people with Indian heritage?"


How the hell would I know why dems are bigots? My suspicion is that they resent any minority who refuses to reside on the liberal plantation.


ObamaCare hits hard on college campuses.  

"The future frightening payoffs of college loans are taking a backseat to the immediate and soaring costs of health insurance students are getting slapped with as they return to school this fall, all thanks to Obamacare.

Because of a rule in the Affordable Care Act that lifts caps on policy payoffs, the cheap insurance policies typically healthy students previously got are skyrocketing, some over 1,000 percent. The reason: Without payoff caps, insurance firms are boosting prices to cover their potential losses.

One example: a late July email to incoming students from Guilford College of Greensboro, N.C. revealed a jump from $668 to $1,179, a 75 percent jump. The reason stated: "Our student health insurance policy premium has been substantially increased due to changes required by federal regulations issued on March 16, 2012 under the Affordable Care Act.

"The issue is brewing here in Tampa where students are pressuring political leaders to address it. "We're trying to make the conservative national leaders in Tampa focus on this issue," said Ron Meyer, spokesman for Young America's Foundation. "It's time for conservative leaders to start talking about Obamacare's hurt on college campuses."

A 1,000 percent?  WOW


Why it is impossible to take liberal sensibilities seriously. Liberals have become a parody of themselves.

'Nebraska Preschool: Deaf Boy’s Name Violates School “Weapons Policy” '

"Grand Island Public School District in Nebraska, whose slogan is “Every Student, Every Day”, is trying to force a deaf 3 year old preschooler to change his name because it violates their “Weapons in Schools” policy that bans “any instrument … that looks like a weapon”.  The little boy’s name is Hunter."


Ryan and Romney... Flip and flop

As we’re learning about the Republican’s Vice Presidential Candidate to be, Paul Ryan, Rand’s name is coming up again. Ryan is an admitted fan, he likes his staffers to read Rand’s books, and he admits that Atlas Shrugged inspired him to get into politics (it seems to me that the book would have had the opposite effect).

Ayn Rand was a believer in pure, Laissez-Faire Capitalism, no doubt about it, but she was no Conservative. She was an outspoken atheist, she was also an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War, she was against the draft, she warned against the rise of the Christian Right long before they really existed, and she was pro choice (in just about everything). If that sounds Libertarian to you, well she wasn’t crazy about the “anarchists” and “Hippy Conservatives” of the Libertarian party either.

When the Ryan/Rand names began to come up together, Liberal pundits immediately went into attack mode over the connection and Ryan had to play a bit of defense. To deflect some of the barbs that were being tossed his way, Ryan had to quickly distance himself, not from Rand’s economic ideas (he’d already done that with his votes in Congress), but from her overall philosophy. Ryan, the Catholic had to confess; he’s not an atheist. He seems to cherry pick the parts of each philosophy that work best for him at the time, bypassing the contradictions. I suppose it can be said that Ryan is a “Cafeteria Catholic” and a Cafeteria Objectivist.


T. Boone Pickens is not happy with Barry either.

Billionaire oil-and-gas man T. Boone Pickens on Wednesday said President Obama had failed to follow through on pledges to increase natural gas and oil production, thwarting a potential renaissance in domestic energy.

Obama “never does anything” to match his “all-of-the-above” energy rhetoric, said Pickens, during a panel discussion at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

“Obama’s had four years and has done nothing,” Pickens said. “I feel like Obama is trapped with the environmentalists, and to the point where if everybody would pull up to small table and say, ‘This is what I’m really for,’ they are against fossil fuels … and I think he is with that crowd in his party.”


Shorter Paulie amp; Rusty: We haz minor-ties.


Jack-In-The-Box Paulie changes the subject again.  He knows his ship is sinking so he wants to take everyone else down with him.