Morning Must Reads: Welcome to Tampa

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Greetings from Tampa, where the forecast calls for rain and all the Republican Convention coverage your eyeballs can handle.


He's also selling poison mushroom cupcakes.  He hates people.


Here's an endthread just for you, paulie, since you like them sooo much.


paulie says,

"And you won't find a greedier bunch than Facebook types who find pedophilia humorous"


"So, what's your position on Facebook's pedophilia page?"

Facebook is an evil pedophile-supporting organization. No sane person would support them or take money from them.



MrO, It's been obvious to me for a long time that Paulie has no center, no soul, nothing.  Rusty's just bug-nuts.


Ending Thought #3:  Paulie amp; Rusty are mad cuz the Tampa terror meeting didn't happen today.  So they spend the day questioning other people's sexuality.

Can you say juvenile?  Yes you can! 



"She knows. And, she knows you."


Really? I wonder how?


Ending thought #2: Paulie isn't introspective and has no mirrors in his house.  That explains all the same endless postings.  He's empty inside.


Mori, How do these 2 know so much about people's sexuality?

And especially anything deviant?  Gives 'em a thrill, I guess. 


Ending Thought #1:  Repubs are gonna  raise the rate of nasty til the election.  And when they lose it's gonna get ugly.  


Wait til after Nov 7th and they'll all get banned.  It's gonna get real nasty when Romney/Ryan go down. 


Romney talks about "birth certificates", "welfare queens" and "food stamps" 

and it's all innocent.  When is he gonna say "watermelons"?  


Republicans are always criticizing President Obama for never having worked in the private sector.  I have a question, since graduating from college, can anyone name one private sector job that Paul Ryan has had?  He has been working in Washington since he graduated.


Last night I saw a wonderful documentary on Herbert Hoover.  President Hoover was a great humanitarian and a fantastic businessman.  However, he was a lousy president.  Now a wonderful humanitarian and a fantastic businessman, doesn't that sound like one of the nominees for President?



Talk about reaching back into the past. It was not a coincidence that Obama has selected "Forward" as his slogan.

"New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism"


More on Matthews and his honesty.

This is the third article in about as many days about the media finally calling the GOP on their lies - and i'm happy to see it:


“You are playing the ethnic card”

Chris Matthews says what most pundits won't:

Republicans are using Obama's ethnicity to appeal to white voters

I’m in Tampa this week, and it may not be the best place to promote a book titled “What’s the Matter With White People?”

but I’m going to try. In fact, my title has two meanings – sometimes I

think my team, liberal Democrats, talks politics in ways that can seem

to leave whites out of our multiracial future. But thanks to the sharp

racial turn of Mitt Romney’s campaign, I’m only getting to talk about

one of the title’s meanings: What the he11 is the matter with (some) white people?

Some Republicans have been shocked, shocked when I’ve referred to Romney and Paul Ryan as “white and whiter,”

or noted that nine out of 10 Republicans, according to Gallup, are

white, in a country that’s only 63 percent white. They think it’s unfair

to note that racial disparity and insist it’s Democrats who are playing

the race card.

That’s why it was so interesting to read in the

New York Times Sunday that Republican strategists are admitting

(anonymously, of course) that the Romney campaign is very concerned

about its inability to close the deal with a crucial component of its

base: working-class whites. He’s “heading into his nominating convention

with his advisers convinced he needs a more combative footing against

President Obama in order to appeal to white, working-class voters,” and

so he “has added a harder edge … injecting volatile cultural themes into

the race.”

Ya think?

With Chris Matthews a notable

exception (see video below) the political class spent all weekend

debating whether Romney’s descent into birtherism Friday – he told an

all-white crowd “Nobody’s ever asked to see my birth certificate,” to

cheers – was a harmless joke, an unfortunate gaffe or a deliberate dog

whistle to the anti-Obama base. (I’ll take dog whistle for $ 200, Alex.)

But Romney seems disappointed that so many remain so dense about what

he’s doing. He just keeps taking it one more step.


his lying ads accusing Obama of gutting the welfare system’s work

requirements by giving Republican governors program waivers didn’t

provide enough racial coding for you – remember who the “welfare queens”

are – on Sunday he told USA Today that Obama granted the waivers to

“shore up his base.” You know, that vast base of welfare recipients who

love the man Newt Gingrich once called “the food stamp president.”

During the primary, Romney left the outright race-baiting to Gingrich

and his other challengers. Now he’s descended to doing it himself.

Still don’t see any racial appeal? In the New York Times today, the great Tom Edsall caught something

that I frankly hadn’t in Romney’s ads accusing Obama of cutting $ 700

billion from Medicare in order to shore up “Obamacare.” (Paul Ryan’s

budget cuts the same $ 700 billion, by the way, but spends it on tax

breaks for the wealthy.) One ad features the face of a worried white

senior, with the words:

You paid into Medicare for

years — every paycheck. Now when you need it, Obama has cut $ 716 billion

from Medicare… Why? To pay for Obamacare. The money you paid for your

guaranteed health care is going to a massive new government program that

is not for you.

Medicare recipients, Edsall notes,

are overwhelmingly white: 10 percent of Medicare recipients are black, 8

percent are Hispanic, while 77 percent are white. The Affordable Care

Act is expected to extend coverage to 30 million uninsured people, of

whom almost half – 46 percent – are white, while 30.7 percent are

Latino, 16.3 percent are black and 5.2 percent are Asian.  So yes, 15

million whites will get coverage, the largest single racial group, but

Romney is betting that white senior resentment at anyone else getting

help will carry the day.

That will also require white seniors not

to realize that Ryan is cutting the same amount from Medicare (via a

change in provider reimbursements that both sides say isn’t expected to

impact patient care.) To my knowledge, Edsall is the first reporter to

break out the racial nature of Romney’s Medicare appeal. More people in

the media need to be calling this what it is: a dangerously divisive

racial strategy.

To be fair, some Republicans are bothered by it. I

never thought I’d praise Dan Quayle, but he was right to tell the

Times: “The Republican Party needs to re-establish its philosophy of the

big tent with principles,” said Dan Quayle, the Republican former vice

president. “The philosophy you hear from time to time, which is

unfortunate, is one of exclusion rather than inclusion. You have to be

expanding the base, expanding the party, because compared to the

Democratic Party, the Republican Party is a minority party.”

“The Republican Party is a minority party.” That’s former VP Dan Quayle talking, not me.


RNC Chair Reince Priebus isn’t listening. He dismissed Chris Matthews’s

charges that Romney’s descent into birtherism had a racial tinge by

railing against Obamacare as “European” – just more “otherism” by a

leader of the minority party. Matthews wasn’t having it. “You are

playing the ethnic card,” he told Priebus. A lot of us were cheering.


Richard Giles
Richard Giles

Having loyalties and even emotional biases are quite common but the intelligent way to handle them is to literally put them aside, to objectively and rationally determine what the truth is and then decide at the end what weight should be given the loyalties and biases; too many times the emotions take over right from the start, rationalizations are then the rule and the truth really is never acknowledged.  The difference is in the confidence and comfort one can have in their decisions, without ever needing to rationalize.

Take the financial support given the Republican / Tea Party with the strong strings attached.  Many want to rationalize that the Democrats have large contributors also but the reality is that it isn't even close.  Consider the likes of Adelson, the Koch brothers and so many other billionaires who contribute mega-millions to the Republicans and who make their aggressive self-serving demands, while the Democrats are really more dependent on many contributions from a vast number of people, who they then need to answer to.  The money, power and influence of the Republican supporters also can be far more prevalent than any the Democrats have, so the spreading of propaganda is not anywhere near as equal either; as has been seen not just in the manipulation of the conservative Christian, the Swift-boat propaganda, the Tea Party movement but additionally in so much more, always well organized, well directed and well funded efforts to con the people and manipulate public opinion.  Recognize and acknowledge the truth there, with all of the ramifications then incurred (including how the attached strings affect your own interests), and any resulting decision becomes more comfortable.

Politicians and their supporters don't want voters to do this; they want to bombard them with their propaganda, excite the loyalties, biases and emotions and have them vote from that position.  Today the Republican Party is owned and controlled by "the money" and together they are aggressively pushing their own interests, without time or concern for the people except to con and sway them as "pawns", with that resulting in America moving further into being a two-class society with the 1% feeding their insatiable "more" (never enough) appetite while the 99% continues to loose - Bush-Cheney style.  Recognize and accept all of that, then if the decision is to support that, it can be considered a realistic personal conclusion.  Whenever the process seems like it is rationalizing though, then it really needs to be stringently questioned.


@Will_Bunch "Remember all those times that active-duty U.S. soldiers plotted to overthrow the govt. and ultimately assasinate the president before we had a black president? Me neither"



"Especially considering charter school teachers can also be unionized."


Sure, NP. That must be why teachers' union bosses are such huge boosters of Charter Schools. 



"It's still keeping "government" out of your Medicare.  You don't see why it's stupid?"


Medicare was sold to the public as a health insurance program paid for through payroll deductions. It was not sold to the American people as just another liberal handout.



"These are the morons that spend way to much time telling regular folks what's wrong with their party while pretending that people with a college educations are snobs."


MrObvious once again proves the corollary that liberals lack a sense of humor.



"They've been steadily rising ever since as the economy has been slowly recovering."


They have been continually rising since Barack Obama caved to the econazis on offshore drilling and the Keystone XL pipeline. 



 "Note he didn't reference a source. He thinks because he wrote it down, it constitutes a study.."


My source was just as credible as yours, OS.


So, does the media buy Mitt's BS about what a big meanie is?  I suppose b/c you're too lazy to look up that his entire campaign of white resentment is a Lie.  All centered on Welfare Ads that got a pants on fire rating.  How does he justify the racebaiting lies he's telling, along with trying to caricature Obama as Foreign?  Mitt is despicable.



"Keep your Government out of my Medicare!" comes to mind.


"Keep your ObamaCare out of my Medicare!" Fixed it for you, Don.


Are the Tampa police prepared to bust the heads of Obama's violent "Occupy Wall Street" terrorist crime wave and its murderers, rapists, rapists of children, child prostitution ring pimps, violent rioters, violent assaulters, violent assaulters of police, violent vandals, public defecators (including those who defecate on police vehicles!), public masturbators, public urinators, virulent anti-Semites, America haters, al Qaeda lovers, 9/11 Truthers, burners of American flags, head lice infestation spreaders, tuberculosis epidemic carriers and just general, run-of-the-mill human debris?


kiefo (aka the artist formerly known as textee)