For Sale: Ridiculous Political Domain Names

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Are you a mythical creature who leans conservative? Do you anticipate a big story about Obama collaborating with a ’90s rapper? The bad news is someone might have already nabbed your perfect political domain name. The good news is that it might also be among the thousands up for auction this cycle.

Internet registrar Go Daddy recently released stats about how eager people have been to buy domain names. Since June, more than 1,600 containing some form of “Mitt Romney” or “Paul Ryan” have been registered. Combinations of Obama/Biden are trailing, but there are still some gems out there. Here’s a taste of what’s currently up for auction, suiting every imaginable taste:

For the disgrace-oriented entrepreneur: ($999) ($12)

For underrepresented voting blocs: ($12) ($800)

For people dedicated to very unlikely couplings: ($100) ($12)

For entrepreneurs setting their hopes on typos: ($9000) ($800)

For entrepreneurs with wacky merchandising ideas: ($12) ($50,000)

For people who probably need to update their slang: ($50,000) ($600)

For the person partial to edible kernels and who loves or hates Obama: ($9) ($200)

For people who believe long domain names aren’t off-putting: ($400) ($50)

For Minnesotans seeking a memento of what can never be: ($1,000)