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 LOL.  National Spirit?  Rahm sold that to China in the Clinton Administration.  Good God.


 That's even more offensive that the original. Congrats moron.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

Quoting  Richard Broderick Jr · Top Commenter on USAToday · Partner at Broderick amp; Broderick


MOST working people pay a much higher percentage of their income in

Social Security and Medicare tax than does a guy like Mitt. This is a

significant tax for most workers (about 7.5%) of their income and their

employer pays about the same. Most of Mitt's income is exempt from this

tax. Even if we give Mitt credit for his self-employment tax, Mitt pays

less than %0.15 of his income in Social Security and Medicare taxation.

That is a rate 50 times LESS than most working people. That's right, the

guy mowing Mitt's lawn is paying 50 times higher rate of SS and Med.

taxation than does Mitt. You can easily check it out online at the

Social Security Administration.

But that is not the end of the preferential treatment for Mitt and those very wealthy like him.

Fact: In addition, almost all of Mitt's income is taxed at the lower capital

(unearned) rate while the income of most middle class workers is

generally a higher ordinary (earned) rate. That's right, if you WORK for

your money you pay at a much higher rate. If your income is UNEARNED -

as Mitt claims his is, then you pay at a much lower capital rate.

What makes it even worse is that Mitt proposes to lower his taxes and

the taxes of his estate even more all while taxes on the ultra-rich are

about the lowest they have been 80 years and our country is broke. The

Ryan plan he has endorsed will cut future social security benefits and

at the same time drop the top tax rate by about a third. So he gets

money, we get less when we are old, and the country goes even more in


You can easily verify how historically low the top tax

rate is by simply googling "top income tax rate history". Google the

Ryan plan too.


Obama is HIRING!!  He is finally focusing on JOBS.  

"The president's new investments included additional staffers. He employed 853 people in July, up from 779 a month earlier, a USA TODAY analysis shows."

Good job Barry, we knew you were focused on jobs all along buddy.  I can't wait to vote for you in November.  


PS Barry:  Here's a quarter, call someone who cares.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

Toad Akin, most recent woman hating Republithug to hug national attention, will always be able to get a job writing one-liners and policy statements for Rush Limbaugh The National Drug Abuser Poster Boy.


Obama Campaign Was 'Trawling for Warm Bodies' to Fill Half-Empty Kick-Off Rally

Here, here.  We have a whole HIVE full of warm bodies.  Brain dead, but warm bodies. 


 As opposed to cold blooded reptiles like you??

Benevolent Lawyer
Benevolent Lawyer

A new survey found that only 31 percent of Americans would want

to sit next to Mitt Romney on a flight. Romney was so upset, he was like,

"I don't understand. How would they get on my private jet?"  hahahahahaha


I think it was from Leno.

Benevolent Lawyer
Benevolent Lawyer

I know this is an old joke, but it is hilarious.

'Rush Limbaugh is OK after being released from a Hawaiian hospital after

a heart scare. Fox News sent flowers; MSNBC sent cheese fries.'' —Jay Leno




Would that be the state paid for Hawaiian universal care?

Why would Rush trust a 'socialist' thing like that with his health?


I'm thinking adding some high potassium sweets.

Glen Fiddich
Glen Fiddich

I am sure Mr Obama will be gracious enough to send a thank you note to Todd Akin in response to his comment exposing the latest dose of GOP misogyny, and helping the Republithugs secure the White House for Obama for another four years.

In fact, I think I will send him a thank you note of my own.

The Republithugs have done so much to assist Mr. Obama that, really, he doesn't need to campaign at all.