Romney and Ryan: Ride Along on the New Republican Ticket’s Honeymoon Tour

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Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

US Republican vice presidential hopeful Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan (R) and presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and his wife Ann attend a campaign rally at Waukesha County Expo Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin, August 12, 2012

Waukesha, Wisc.

It might have been the moment Mitt Romney was envisioning when he launched his presidential campaign. In a grassy field near Milwaukee, several thousand supporters showed up to welcome Romney and his new running mate, native son Paul Ryan. It was a classic Wisconsin tableau, with supporters sprawled on bales of hay and a red barn in the distance. As the score from the movie Air Force One rang out, the bus carrying the Republican ticket rolled to the edge of the crowd to thunderous cheers.

The Sunday evening rally – perhaps the largest Romney has staged so far in this campaign – was billed as a “homecoming” for Ryan, who wiped tears from his eyes as he gazed out over the crowd. But it was an equally memorable event for Romney, who gave an upbeat speech in which he urged President Obama to “take your campaign out of the gutter” and forcefully confronted a protester.

Meet the new Mitt Romney. The candidate once seemed to regard retail politics as a chore he must endure before claiming the presidency. But in two days of whirlwind campaigning that have followed the unveiling of Ryan as his running mate, Romney has been loose and up-tempo. His crowds are bigger, more boisterous. These were perhaps the best two days of his whole campaign. Just ask him.”I’m happy today. I hope you’re happy. I’m happy,” he told a jubilant crowd gathered in Ashland, Va., on Saturday. At a Sunday morning rally inside a NASCAR technical institute in Mooresville, N.C., Romney marveled at a race car emblazoned with his campaign logo, recalled his high-school days driving around a date in his dad’s Rambler, and pumped his fist when a “U-S-A” chant broke out.

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Afterward, Romney and Ryan greeted an overflow crowd milling in the parking lot. “I am so happy. I am so happy to have my teammate now, the two of us,” Romney said. When the throng began chanting Ryan’s name, Romney jumped in, egging them on. “Yeah, Paul! Paul! Paul!” he cheered. “Let’s hear it for Paul.”

At an afternoon rally in a muggy furniture warehouse in High Point, N.C., Ryan gestured to Romney and proclaimed, “This man is the epitome of leadership.” When he took the mic, Romney returned the favor, telling the crowd that “the reason I selected this guy to be my running mate is because I knew I wanted a person who was a leader.”

Republicans seem to love the pick. Tony Bleyer, a nephrologist from Winston-Salem who brought his family to the rally in High Point, said that he wasn’t sold on Romney until he added the 42-year-old Congressman to the ticket. “I want someone who has big ideas,” he says, and particularly ones focused on fixing the federal budget.

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It’s unclear whether the glow of the Romney-Ryan camaraderie will last after this first exciting weekend.  The “homecoming” rally Sunday night in Wisconsin marked the end of the Republican’s ticket first joint campaign swing, and it may be awhile before the two men share a stage again. On Monday Ryan will visit the Iowa State Fair before jetting off for fundraising engagements. Romney’s bus tour will continue with a series of stops in Florida — a state whose aging population may not cotton to Ryan’s proposal to voucherize Medicare — before wrapping up with a daylong tour of Ohio on Tuesday. Romney adviser Kevin Madden said Sunday the two men will likely “be campaigning on different tracks until the convention.”

Romney may miss the companionship. He finally seems to be having fun.

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The Wall
The Wall

Ryan is an ignorant hypocrite coward. His breach onto the political scene was as a throwaway - his job was to support such unpopular and  irrational ideals so that the "middle ground" would shift  to the right. Unfortunately for the public perception manipulators this Kermit the Frog impressionist's zany ideals created a magnet for the extremists misshaping the American political landscape. Not one to bite the hand that feeds him (except Ryan does bite the hand that FED him as he lurches to dismantle Social Security) Ryan has chosen to endorse the man whose checks Ryan himself endorses before depositing to his off shore account.This discredits the republican plan, undermines fair government and marks the end of the republican party having not only caught, but endorsed the "cancer" of tea-party infection.Goodbye to the Republican Party - forever. Gone the way of the Federalists and the Whigs, punishment for unveiling a monstrous agenda decades in the implementation to undermine democracy, government and true economic competition.


There's nothing like a guy who will have a big fat smile on his face while he guts you. Ryan will go on and on and on about how the country can't afford working class folks. That's what it all boils down to. He wants to tax us and give it to his sugar daddies. More socialism for the rich. This is just like those free market drones who yack constantly about how American workers, especially union workers, aren't competitive with the Chinese. They never utter a peep about the truth in that. China subsidizes companies who locate there. China manipulates its currency too. They peg it to the dollar. But, if you listen to Republicans and the Corporate tightens, it's because some union stiff makes 40 grand a year. Ryan, Romney, the Khochs, Bush Jr., Rove, they're all the same rich fu@ks who want more power and money and will do anything to get it. 

Benevolent Lawyer
Benevolent Lawyer

The crowd was clapping???  Hmmmm....

I want to know if you polled people on WHY they were clapping? I hear Ryan works out for 2 hours a day and has a six pack. If I was part of that crowd and saw the outline of P90X workout, I would have clapped too.

As a runner and sprinter, I can tell you that even doing 2,000 crunches daily might only get you a four pack.

So, next time you write about folks clapping and many people gathering.. ask WHY?? :)

HA HA :)


Benevolent Lawyer
Benevolent Lawyer

 I also saw this headline from Reuters:


(Reuters) -

Republican Mitt Romney received no immediate boost to his White House

bid by naming U.S. Representative Paul Ryan as vice presidential running

 mate, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Monday.

Some 51 percent of those

surveyed said the decision did not change their opinion of Romney, a

former private-equity executive and Massachusetts governor who will face

 President Barack Obama in the November 6 election.


 26 percent in the online poll said they viewed Romney more favorably

after he added the 42-year-old Wisconsin congressman to the ticket on

Saturday, while 23 percent said they viewed him less favorably.

The survey of 508 registered voters was conducted for Reuters from August 11 to August 13.


 is a polarizing figure in Washington, where he has led his party's push

 to cut domestic spending, lower taxes and scale back the size of the

federal government as chairman of the House of Representatives Budget


A hero to conservatives,

 Ryan has given Romney a jolt of energy on the campaign trail after

several difficult weeks marked by gaffes and continued questions about

his personal finances. The two men basked in the cheers of thousands of

supporters at campaign stops in North Carolina on Sunday.

But Ryan remains largely unknown to the wider public.

While 80 percent of those surveyed said they had at least heard of Ryan, only 35 percent said they were familiar with him.


 42 percent said they did not know whether he was qualified or not to be

 president - a higher percentage than the 33 percent who said he was not

 qualified and the 26 percent who said he was.


 warning sign for the Romney campaign: by a margin of 44 percent to 29

percent, voters said the incumbent vice president, Joe Biden, was more

qualified than Ryan to serve as president if the need arose.


 fairly unknown in who he is and what he stands for," said Ipsos vice

president Julia Clark. "He's a Wisconsin congressman, not a nationally

known figure." That is likely to

change in the coming weeks as Ryan campaigns across the country to build

 enthusiasm among grass-roots conservatives while Democrats attack his

budget plan as one that would gut programs for the elderly and the poor.


 precision of the Reuters/Ipsos online polls is measured using a

credibility interval. In this case, the poll has a credibility interval

of plus or minus 5.1 percentage points for all respondents.


 signature proposal would change the popular Medicare health plan for

the elderly into a voucher program that would give future retirees a

fixed amount of money to buy traditional Medicare insurance or competing

 private plans.

Ryan says that

approach would rein in spiraling medical costs that threaten the

program's solvency in coming decades. The nonpartisan Congressional

Budget Office estimated that one version of Ryan's plan, passed by the

House last year, would increase retiree's out-of-pocket medical costs by

 about 6,400 dollars annually.


argue that the plan would end guaranteed medical coverage for seniors,

and have made it a centerpiece of their effort to win back control of

the House.

With Ryan now on the

Republican ticket, independent analysts say it could hurt Romney's

chances of winning in retiree-heavy states like Florida.

But Ryan's plan might not be as toxic as Democrats think.


 54 percent and 49 percent of voters surveyed in a June 2011

Reuters/Ipsos poll said would support a Medicare voucher plan, depending

 on how the question was worded, with relatively little difference in

support between Democrats and Republicans.


BS Lawyer,

So you're lying as usual.

The 3 most current polls from RCP have Romney at 47% and Obama at 46%.

Now that the campaign is really starting you will see your guy moving south in the polls.

Romney/Ryan are going to do a number on old Blame and Shame Obama/Biden.

Benevolent Lawyer
Benevolent Lawyer

 Lying??? You are nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3X a MAD MAN.

 I just posted a Reuters News Update.  I did not make up the news.  Unlike you, I am neither invested in a Romney or Obama win. However, we have an incumbent in the job, and at least for patriots like me, we need to see that the contender can do a better job.

Thus far, all I have is Romney in MA which was a TOTAL FAIL. Romney in BAIN where he cries wolf at every turn once something unfavorable is shared about that time. And a lack of transparency and disrespect for the mores regarding a run for the highest political office in the world.

*Sigh* Romney told us he was a resident of MA. Turned out he lived in UTAH and amended his residency AFTER he decided to run for governor. Yet, after we ignored his sleazy double talk and elected him, HE FAILED US IN MA.

Romney has to do better than "Anything but Obama", or providing the fresh face idealist cloaking Bush era policies.

3X, you are a disgrace to the Voting Rights Act of 1965!! I don't know why you should be allowed to vote when you continue to show you are incapable of a dispassionate analysis.



Thought you would all like to get this hot of the press information.

Positive views of Ryan jump higher after pick

The Washington Post August 13, 2012

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan — the freshly minted Republican vice presidential candidate — got an immediate ratings boost in the wake of his selection as Mitt Romney’s running-mate, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Little known nationally before Saturday’s announcement, favorable impressions of Ryan jumped 15 percentage points among the overall electorate with positive views soaring from 49 to 70 percent among conservative Republicans.

In Wednesday through Friday interviews, fully 45 percent of Americans expressed no opinion of Ryan, dropping to 30 percent on Saturday and Sunday. The increasing familiarity all went to the positive side of the ledger, giving Ryan an initial advantage in the sprint to define his candidacy.

Overall, in interviews after his selection, 38 percent of all Americans express favorable views of Ryan, 33 percent negative ones. (Before the the announcement, Ryan was somewhat underwater, scoring 23 percent favorable, 32 unfavorable.)

One of the largest movements on Ryan’s favorability numbers was the 21-point jump among conservative Republicans, but the initial movement was positive among independents as well, doubling from 19 to 39 percent. The shift among Democrats was similar in both a positive (up 10 percentage points on favorability) and negative direction (up eight on unfavorability).

Before the announcement, senior citizens split 28 percent apiece positively and negatively on Ryan, but afterward his favorable number shot to 46 percent with no change on the other side of the equation. Seniors are likely to get even more outsized attention in the coming months due to Ryan’s controversial proposal to change the Medicare entitlement.

Wow, his favorability went up 18% among Seniors and is now higher than Obama among seniors. He even went up 10% among Democrats.


Intelligent folks actually comprehend what happens on a "honeymoon."

Oh well, U.S. voters will figure it out when the honeymoon is over.

Notably, introducing Ryan as "next President of the United States," Romney spoke aboard the museum ship "Wisconsin," old BB-64, an Iowa-class battleship laid on Jan. 25, 1941, and launched Dec. 7, 1943. It seemed appropriate to watch a couple of political dinosaurs on the deck of a WW II warship that had been resurrected during the reign of  Brontosaurus Reagan. Bush 41 had sense enough to mothball battleships. Perhaps U.S. voters will mothball Romney-Ryan to the museum of has beens and never wases.



Your twisted dreams will end on November 6.


Romney is giddy about his new bromance, but he'll go into a depressed funk when they are separated and he has to go to Florida alone. He's on an emotional roller-coaster!


There are ten reasons to vote for Romney amp; Ryan this November.....

#1. You feel sorry for the wealthy and believe they should receive more tax breaks.

#2. You want to see Social Security destroyed.

#3. You want to see Medicare destroyed.

#4. You want to see Medicaid destroyed.

#5. You want to see laws protecting our environment repealed.

#6. You want to see laws protecting the safety of the products we buy,

the foods we eat, the medicines we take and the toys our kids play with

repealed or severely weakened.

#7. You want to see ObamaCare repealed and people with pre-existing conditions with no where to go for vitally needed medical insurance.

#8. You want to see the thirtymillion people who will have medical insurance under ObamaCare not be able to have medical insurance for themselves and their families.

#9. You want to see the safety net that has protected millions of middle

class and poor Americans for several decades destroyed and ruined.

#10. You want to see the greedy, selfish Wall Street predators who

almost succeeded in throwing our country into a Depression succeed next

time as they steal more billions.

As for me, I am a proud Democrat who will be there when the polls open up to cast my vote for Barack Obama. I stood in line at 5:30AM to vote for Barack Obama in

2008 and I am going to be there again to vote for President Obama and the future of our country. I am a Democrat who believes that we are all our brothers (and sisters) keeper and I will cast my vote with pride for Barack Obama.


Also added: You want to see women forced to bear children against their will (I'm guessing that, for women of child-bearing age at least, that's going to be in the top three).

Benevolent Lawyer
Benevolent Lawyer

 Also add:

Out of the 25 freshmen Republican Governors rated by the Cato Institute on fiscal issues, Romney had the 2nd worst score.

 1. By Romney’s last year in office, Massachusetts was ranked by the

Public Policy Institute of New York on its Cost of Doing Business Index,

as the 4th most expensive state in which to do business in.  Data

compiled by the Tax Foundation reveals that during Romney’s term, the

per capita tax burden increased from 9.3% to 9.9%, a .6% increase.  In

real dollars, the per capita tax burden increased 1175.71 dollars during

Romney’s term.

2. Romney didn’t “turn a 3 billion dollar deficit into a nearly $1

billion surplus.” Rather, the deficit was 1.3 billion according to and he balanced the budget with mostly tax and fee increases with very little spending cuts.

3. According to the Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation, Romney

“proposed four budgets while in office…each budget increased spending

over the previous year.” . As Club for Growth echoed, Romney’s last

budget “was a whopping 10.12% larger than the preceding fiscal year.”

4. Out of the 25 freshmen Republican Governors rated by the Cato Institute on fiscal issues, Romney had the 2nd worst score.

Indeed, Carla Howell, president of the Massachusetts-based Center for Small Government, is blunt about Romney’s record: “Romney

claims to have cut the Massachusetts budget by ‘2 billion.’ Sometimes

he claims he cut it ‘3 billion’….but these cuts were merely budget

games….not only did Mitt Romney refuse to cut the overall Massachusetts

budget, he expanded it.

Dramatically….Romney initiated massive new spending –without any prodding.” 

5. The alleged budget surplus DeMoss refers to is also mythical. The Massachusetts

Taxpayer Foundation and the conservative Massachusetts think tank,

Beacon Hill Institute, both challenged that notion. In fact, Romney left

a billion dollar deficit for his successor.


Age gap dating is gaining popularity and

acceptance at an alarming rate. Many young women are seeking older men, and

many young guys appreciate the maturity of older women. If you are 40 plus

amp; single, I would encourage you to join --- )АgelessМatch. C.0.М (--- to date someone much younger, to feel young again, and to make

your life more adventurous.



Ryan received an outstanding and highly supportive crowd back in Virginia, North Carolina and his home state of Wisconsin.  Anyone can see (if they are not deaf, dumb, and blind libs) that Ryan is loved and respected in his home state.  Please note the huge number of YOUNG faces in all the crowds where they stopped.  Just goes to show you haters that not all of Romney's supporters are white, senile, uneducated, ignorant, OLD folks as you so often suggest.  The two R's will run a campaign Americans can be proud of, two leaders we've been needing and praying for for almost 4 miserable, agonizing years.  Get ready libs, lib trolls, lib haters of a prosperous and self-reliant America; the two R's are going to steam roll Obama and his merry band of thugs right out of our White House. This honeymoon, as you cynics so call it, will continue, do not count on it ending. The coupling is just starting with no end in sight.



Good and accurate post.


And when Obama wins a second term, what then? Stomping feet? Angry cries of a stolen election? Romney lost Florida with the Ryan selection. He already kissed Ohio goodbye. Unless the electoral votes from Switzerland and the Cayman Islands put Mittens over the top, Obama gets re-elected. Take it to the bank.


You sound very sure of yourself and those who still loyally and blindly follow a loser.  How dumb do you think America is anyway?  Obama has let us all down and we want real Hope and Change.  Obama has not provided what we need and placed our faith in him to provide for this country.  Stop obsessing about money this candidate has earned and how and where he spends it  and start obsessing more on getting this country out of the mess Obama has put us in. 


Americans are definitely not dumb enough to hand the government over to the TP religious inquisition.  They would burn people at the stake if they could.  It doesn't matter what Mitt or Paul says, they are bought and paid for by the private sector.  They will do whatever they are told with no resistance.


"How dumb do you think America is anyway?"


It gave rise to the Tea Party. Does that answer your question? 


They will go down in flames and I want an apology from everyone who voted Repug.  I still want apologies from all of my friends who voted for Bush and never said they were sorry when they finally realized what happened to our country after that jackass.


I did not vote for Bush either time and he embarassed me many times but he was still a better man than Obama and I never once felt George Bush was "out to get me and bring me down."  Obama has made it personal this go around and has brought fear into the atmosphere.  A fear that he wants all of us, you and me and everyone under his control and to fail in our lives. The Obama picture does not look like it has a happy ending for any of us. How can you keep swallowing his swill?

Benevolent Lawyer
Benevolent Lawyer

I supported Bush twice and he sold us up a creek. The country very nearly came apart. The unjust wars, the massive deficits, the financial collapse, the endless deregulations, the housing bust etc.

You can vote for Romney and Ryan but please be very clear that the reasons you have adduced for voting for Romney are a little crazy!!!!

Geez/..Why would Obama want you to fail?? Why would ANY one running for office, or the President want you to fail. How would that help him get re-elected or what would it benefit him?? You see how crazy you sound???

It is crazy talk like this that makes me wonder if the poll tax was not a good idea. Maybe all voters should answer some current affairs questions before they vote. E.g. you say you do not like Obamacare, what exactly do you know about it???

Or, in your case, some Loonie tunes questions like-- what is Obama's citizenship, is it still South African or Kenyan?

Is Obama really from Mars, is he on the Mars Rover now?

Was that Obama in the picture sent by the Mars Rover?

Is Obama Green and does he have horns?

Does he plan to become a ghost and scare you in your home?

Is Obama the star of paranormal activity?

Is the healthcare plan going to make us Muslim?

Did Obama make my food burn?

Did Obama make me short?

Is Obama Brad Pitt?

Is Obama engaged to his wife or Jennifer Anniston?

Is Obama Oprah?

Did Obama run in the 4 by 100 in London??

Is Obama Dick Cheney's son?

Is Obama the same as Condeleeza Rice?

Are we here or there?


Gosh, read your comment. Totally asinine!!!!


And now we will get the same well at least Paul Ryan put out a budget Talking Points from the GOP.

A crappy budget does not mean that is better than nothing.  


I wonder how long it will take before they take a hard look at each other and decide "Honeymoon's over. This isn't working out"?


Hopefully the honeymoon will last for 8 years and longer.  The two R's and their beautiful families don't look like the divorcing or deadbeat types to me.  I predict the enthusiasm and support for each other will grow stronger, not weaker.


Obama has had no effect on my ban account at all.  I have actually made more money in the past 3 years then I ever have before.  I pay my 30% in taxes, which is the same as it always has been.  I'm not sure where your going with this argument, you make absolutely no sense.

What exactly has Obama done to your bank account?

If your investments are going bad that sounds like you should be looking at the people who actually tanked the economy, the ones who have bought the GOTP.


No they are the tax dodging government handout accepting dead beats.  The kind that are actually ruining this country.

I don't see a bright future for these lazy people, Romney especially.  The only thing growing stronger for them is their bank accounts as they take money from the government and private interests.


Check your own bank account, honey.  Does it look healthier and better now since Obama took the liberty to mess your account up, squeeze it dry ? Mine looks punier and punier than ever before and the assets keep going down.  Obama is so lazy that he has to feed off the rest of us and has the audacity to grin in our faces and tell us we're supposed to like it.


"The Sunday evening rally – perhaps the largest Romney has staged so far in this campaign – was billed as a “homecoming” for Ryan, who wiped tears from his eyes as he gazed out over the crowd."




Some people like Paul show a warm, true, humble side, and the strength to show emotion.  A character seemingly absent from Obama and his hateful band of followers.  Obama is like ice and is just about the coldest, robotic, most indifferent thing to ever take center stage while sitting in our White House.

Benevolent Lawyer
Benevolent Lawyer

“During the four years Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, it had the second worst jobs record of any state in America…it wasn’t a regional issue. The rest of New England created nearly 200,000 jobs.”


According to job creation experts Andrew Sum and Joseph McLaughlin of Northeastern University, manufacturing employment during the Romney years “declined by 14%, the third worse record in the country. Those are the ISSUES that matter in an election.


So Resolute, you can see how insane it sounds when you start discussing president Obama's feelings and coldness like he is your boyfriend??? Your remarks are shockingly asinine and rabidly hyper-partisan.  No facts just emotional brouhaha.

Also, I am always sober. I am an athlete and have no time to engage in a lack of discipline that would subject my body to unnecessary decline . So no, I am alwayssssssss sober. I leave that abuse for those who think there is a return policy on their bodies. I do not. Do you think we will change and become aliens? You sound like someone who does.

Obama is like ICE???? HE IS COLD AND ROBOTIC AND INDIFFERENT??????? Are you hoping to date OBAMA???   This is an election you know??? No one is interested in Obama's emotional connection to them,  and the way he loves or whatever else the cuckoo clocks on the Right and Left are focusing on these days.  


You sound as crazy as the other woman on the Left whose sole reason for voting for Obama was that he was kind and gentle and had soft looking hands!!!!  Maybe you and that cuckoo woman need to get together!!  Goshhhhhhh


You're just a hoot and a laugh a minute.  Keep the jokes and silly banter coming as we can all use a good laugh to break the monotony.

Benevolent Lawyer
Benevolent Lawyer

 And add to your crazy comment. Obama is also an alien from Mars.

He made it dark, Obama made me short. He made my food burn. Obama hates me. Obama is a ghost. Obama is the pope. Obama is on the Mars Rover. 

YES!! Your comment sounds just as ridiculous as the ones I have made to mirror yours.

Obama made me thin, Obama is the same person as Oprah. Obama is engaged to Jennifer Aniston.  How do you know all these personal attributes you  have provided on the president.

It sounds nuts!!

I think there is a case to be made for the poll tax. People need to answer some basic questions before they can vote. In which case,  you and 3X will definitely be put on a short bus and sent home, without being allowed to vote.  


Hey, oh benevolent motor mouth, perhaps you need to lay off the booze or whatever you seem to be consuming because you get more long winded and wound up as the day passes.  You spend so much time expostulating on Time I wonder how you have time to squeeze in even a little benevolent pro bono lawyering you are so proud of to anyone.



"A character seemingly absent from Obama and his hateful band of followers. Obama is like ice and is just about the coldest, robotic, most indifferent thing to ever take center stage while sitting in our White House."

Usually with his feet on our desk. Not very respectful of the peoples house.

Dan Bruce
Dan Bruce

Crying crocodiles in Wisconsin, and still they claim that global warming is a myth!


Just another right-wing love fest for their boy Paul. Time's always been in Republicans' pockets. I bet they're getting thrills and tingles on all three of their legs! Sycophants!

< / extreme, whining ideologue  >


 Whoops, I'm not very good at this. I forgot the misspellings, and I used words of more than three syllables.


What we really need is a sarcasm icon.  Over the weekend I announced at the end of one post that it was tongue-in-cheek and some people still took it seriously.


Yeah, right, sacred.


This is a political blog. There is no place for sarcasm.


It's interesting that instead of introducing Paul Ryan as VP in his hometown, they did it in a more conservative town, can it be because Pauls hometown have been hit with the kind of politicies they promote?


Age gap dating is gaining popularity and

acceptance at an alarming rate. Many young women are seeking older men, and

many young guys appreciate the maturity of older women. If you are 40 plus

amp; single, I would encourage you to join --- )АgelessМatch. C.0.М (--- to date someone much younger, to feel young again, and to make

your life more adventurous.



his pack. But whether or not Gerard’s deal is legit is not even Scott’s

biggest concern, as Allison has finally embraced her warrior side and

gone off the deep end a bit in her own right.


Yeah, blue collar towns are NOT going to warm up to Romney's Bain past + Ryan's austerity. Watch a parallel with Ryan to Romney where the more people outside the red meat base get to know him and his ideas, the less they'll like him. Also watch here as the righties start clucking about the "lefties being afraid of Ryan" just like they did about Palin. Of course, I specifically wanted, wished, begged, pleaded Palin to run for POTUS. She let us all down (and now won't speak at R convention?).

Roch Radziwill
Roch Radziwill

While millions of Americans are observing on their TV screens how ears of Mitt Romney has growed, it is not first such case. In 1916 similar murdering and replacement has been done on my other brother - Charles Evans Hughest. 

Because public was limited only to newspapers it has passed unnoticed while change in Hughest policies has lead them to defeat. In XXI century damage will be bigger that is why I am calling on the Republican party but also his sons, to organise his funeral. And the new elections...More:


So much glowing news coming from on the Romney / Ryan ticket.  Do I sense the slobbering love affair we have seen with Obama coming to an end?  

10,000 + gather at Wisconsin for the "homecoming" for Paul Ryan after being picked to be VP.

10,000 + in North Carolina as well during the bus tour.  

Obama on the other hand is now begging for money at 51 dollar a ticket arenas which are only half full.  Doesn't paint a very good picture out in America's heartland for Obama.  

But it does make sense.  When you get down into gutter politics as Obama has for the past few weeks with his campaign, you will turn off people.  They will stop coming out to hear your message.  They will turn you off.  

People want and are ready to have a discussion on the big issues.  Medicare, Social Security, the out of control National Debt, and JOBS.  They want to hear the plans from the two different campaigns and what they will do to fix it.  

People understand we do not have a revenue problem in this country.  We have a spending problem with waste, fraud and abuse.  Couple that with a bloated big government with multiple programs doing the same duplicated work, it is time we look at spending and see where cuts can be made.  If that's not enough, THEN look at raising more taxes, but even that can be achieved by re-working the antiquated and unfair tax code.  

Benevolent Lawyer
Benevolent Lawyer

This is

the Romney JOBS RECORD FROM MA: Romney had a horrible record of creating jobs while

governor of Massachusetts.  According to Boston Herald business

reporter Bret Arends, only one state in the entire country was worse at

creating jobs while Romney was in office....

“During the four years Mitt Romney was governor of

Massachusetts, it had the second worst jobs record of any state in

America…it wasn’t a regional issue. The rest of New England created

nearly 200,000 jobs.”

____Job growth was devastated by Romney’s policies. The Massachusetts

Taxpayer Foundation says that under Romney, “job growth has been

anemic.”. According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, the

unemployment rate was 5.2% when he assumed the governorship and 5.3% by

the end of his term, a figure significantly higher than the national

average at the time of 4.6% (AND THOSE FIGURES WERE FROM A GOOD ECONOMIC

TIME, NATIONALLY). But Romney’s unemployment figures are, in reality, 2-3 points higher than what they appear because Massachusetts was RANKED SECOND IN THE NATION FOR THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE GOING TO LOOK FOR WORK ELSEWHERE.

Since they’re no longer residents, they weren’t counted in the employment statistics.

According to job creation experts Andrew Sum and Joseph McLaughlin of

Northeastern University, manufacturing employment during the Romney

years “declined by 14%, the third worse record in the country.” 

The same scholars wrote that “from 2001 to 2006, Massachusetts ranked 49th in the nation in job creation…”

The Boston Globe business columnist Steve Baily wrote that “there

are 40,000 fewer people in the workforce than when Romney took over.” 

This view was echoed by the Boston Herald’s business columnist, Bret

Arends, who wrote,

“During the four years Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, it

had the second worst jobs record of any state in America…it wasn’t a

regional issue. The rest of New England created nearly 200,000 jobs.”

Another way to judge a state’s economy is to look at its Gross State


and these statistics are kept by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Between 2001-2005, the percent GSP increase for Massachusetts was an

anemic 8.44%, one of the lowest five-years increases in the country –

44th out of 50 states.

We’ll let labor market economist Andrew Sum summarize: “as a strict

labor market economist looking at the record, Massachusetts did every

poorly during the Romney years…on every measure  you’ve got, the state

was a substantial under-performer.”

Dan Bruce
Dan Bruce

It's the final rejection of Lincoln by the Republican Party, which has forgotten what Honest Abe said about America, "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." Instead, they believe they can fool enough to be elected if they spend enough money, restrict voting, and tell lie after lie, and, God help us, they may be right. Time will tell.



Never a rational or truthful comment. Lincoln was refering to the lies told by liberals.

Kevin Groenhagen
Kevin Groenhagen

 You epitomize the demeanor of the desperate Dem.


Sorry, Charlie, but the Demos aren't the desperate ones.


Sorry, LL.  All it means is that Romney peaked too early.


Peaked too early... on their honeymoon???

That's NOT good...

Wonder how many "brides" have a similar complaint about theirs?