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"It proves that I have one the argument."


Hmmmmm.  Okaaaaaaaay.



Who would know better about the world's oldest profession?


Of course, paulejb.



"I'm awesome blah blah blah mangled point blah blah blah I'm winning blah blah blah you people (all lubruls) blah blah blah admits libruls live rent free in my head"


Should I ignore this plaintive cry for help or should I throw MrObvious a bone?

Help me out here, people. Is he likely to hurt himself if I don't give him a pat on the head?


"Election 2012 Trial Heat: Obama vs. Romney

Among registered voters'

Mitt 46% -- Bam 46%

Polls of "registered voters" always skew Democrat. That indicates that Mitt is in the lead even after Team Obama's toxic blitzkrieg.


 A tough, tough riff on the Romney campaign from Laura Ingraham on her show today:

I might be the skunk at the picnic but I’m going to say it. I’m

going to say it clear. Romney’s losing. I don’t like to start a Friday

show with this, but I feel like I must. I don’t pretend to have all the

answers, but I know one thing: conservatism wins. When you are debating

the other side on substance, when you are attacking with substance, when

you are laying out a vision with passion, that marries conservative

ideals to the problems of the day, you will win.

[At this point, Ingraham played a recording of Romney saying: “I disagree.”]

When you see this happening in places like Wisconsin, when you see

this happening in places like New Jersey, of course in Virginia, where

we have governors that advocate conservative solutions to economic

problems, they win.

If the election were held today, Mitt Romney would lose. This is

especially vexing when we have survey after survey showing that

two-thirds of Americans think the country is going in the wrong

direction. This is especially disconcerting when you see the numbers

that came out yesterday on the voters’ confidence in America’s future:

an overwhelming majority of Americans think America now is in decline

and that their children’s future will not be as bright as their own.

Forty-two months straight of over 8 percent unemployment.

Each of these statistics on their own, on its own, should indicate a

sizable win for a strong conservative. Mitt Romney cannot at this point

be convincing himself that he’s winning. I hope they’re not. I hope the

Romney campaign actually knows what’s going on with these numbers. And I

hope that the strategy that has been in place, which is basically raise

a lot of money in the summer, but not hit back, but not offer a clear,

substantive, three-point solution to this mess that we’re in —

five-point solution — lay it out for the public. I don’t care if he has

to go back to the PowerPoints that he used in the road shows when he was

at Bain. That’s what he’s really good at.

[At this point, Ingraham played a recording of Romney saying: “What we’re left with is a bit of a muddle.”]


RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is so tired of talking about Mitt Romney’s tax returns, he said Friday he’s done discussing them.“Oh boy, we’re going down this road again?” he said, when asked about the returns on CNN’s “Starting Point.”

“We’re going down this road, friend,” anchor Brooke Baldwin replied.

“C’mon, Reince, it’s a perfectly valid question,” Baldwin said, after playing part of a new Obama campaign ad that raises the possibility of Romney not paying any taxes some years. “We deserve to see them.”

“It’s ridiculous,” Priebus said in response. “He’s released two years

of taxes, he’s releasing 2011, he released 500 pages of documents.”

“Americans say that’s not enough,” Baldwin said, citing a CNN/ORC poll released Thursday showing 63 percent of Americans want Romney to release additional tax returns.

“Any second we spend not talking about how this president failed in

his mission, the mission to fix this economy, he campaigned on this

economy, he hasn’t accomplished a darn thing,” Priebus said. “We’re

worse off. That’s the issue, and I’m not spending any more time talking

about this issue.”

Read more: understand America? They've decided what you want doesn't matter;

just shut up and vote Republican already. Who cares if you have

questions? YOU PEOPLE don't deserve answers. You should just do what

you're told!


 The Obama super PAC that derailed the week with its ad tying Mitt

Romney and Bain Capital to a woman's struggle with cancer released a new

ad Friday afternoon lashing Romney's record at the private equity firm.

The spot features Joe Whitley, another laid-off GST Steel employee,

pinning Romney with blame for his community's downturn. It's a hard hit,

like everything else Priorities USA has done, though not as incendiary

as the commercial released earlier this week. The core of the message is

the same: that Romney and Bain ruined lives due to the way they handled

a Kansas City steel plant.

Here's the script:

That plant was my life, I mean, my livelihood …

It fed me as a kid and fed my whole family as an adult.   I depended on that plant, and I felt like it depended on me. 

Romney and Bain, they were businessmen, they had no idea how to make steel.  They knew how to make money. 

They used us just like we were the scrap steel that we melted, you know, we were just a means to an end.

ANNCR: Priorities USA Action is responsible for the content of this advertising.


George Washington Would Be Appalled

 At a time when domestic and global problems pose serious threats to the

United States, the Republican Party has become the party not only of

"less government", but of active hostility to the very idea of

government itself.

We are all familiar with the right wing's unending rhetoric that

"government is the problem", that government is the enemy of individual

freedom, that government regulation impedes the ability of business to

grow unfettered by unnatural restraints. For every Republican candidate,

this mantra has become an oath of fealty to the most extreme elements

of their party.

Even those whose self-interests government currently serves have

yielded to the government-hating rhetoric of the Tea Party and their

extreme right wing corporate backers. Voters nationwide support

candidates who attack the very health care programs upon which so many

of them depend, programs that enable their children to receive medical

care and keep their aging parents alive. Doesn't matter -- somehow

they've been convinced that government-supported medical care is an

assault on their freedom to... do what? Get sick and die? Reject public

health programs that provide the main defense against deadly epidemics?

Well, they're not going to listen to me so I'll bring in someone with

a lot more political credibility: George Washington. Here's what he had

to say about government in his Farewell Address of 1796:

"... remember especially that for the efficient management

of your common interests in a country so extensive as ours a government

of as much vigor as is consistent with the perfect security of liberty

is indispensable. Liberty itself will find in such a government, with

powers properly distributed and adjusted, its surest guardian. It

[Liberty] is, indeed, little else than a name where the government is

too feeble to withstand the enterprises of faction... "

Washington's view was that of a mature, reflective man who effected

one of the most momentous events in modern history, the creation of the

United States of America. How powerfully this contrasts with the

infantile anti-government rants of the Tea Party or their Republican

enablers who rail against government's presence wherever it may appear.



 "I like that, that was good."


It was okay. Having people accuse me of format violations inspires me. It proves that I have one the argument. 



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Big deal. You libs are into butt slapping each other. It is about as impressive as Fijian Olympic bobsledding team.


So how is Obama doing with the war in Afghanistan, we haven't heard much on that front lately.

Oh, this is not good.

Three US Marines gunned down by traitor Afghan police commander who invited them to dinner - and it's the THIRD such deadly betrayal of allied forces in a week

Wonder why we do not get news like this in the US?  No, the media is not in the bag for Obama, move along folks, nothing to see here.


"Things are looking up maybe?"


China’s sales to European Union countries fell 16.2 percent

last month and growth in U.S. exports slowed to 0.6 percent from

10.6 percent in June, customs data showed.


Obama up in 13 States according to Gallop when job approval is looked at as the key indicator as to how well Obama will fair in the November election.  

None of the swing States which will determine the outcome of this election are represented in those 13 States.  Even in his home State of Illinois Obama is only at 51%, surprising in and of itself.  

Stay tuned folks, this will be a very exciting election.  Or, it might just be a repeat of the blowout we saw back in 1980.  

Jimmy.........calling Jimmy you want to say a few words?


Election Matters:  Obama's Swing State Status versus Romney's Hidden Advantage

"Voting follows pretty much what Presidential job approvals mirrors".

2008 Democrats had an advantage of "likely voters".  Not so much in 2012, it has switched.  "Republicans have the advantage, which Romney will have a bump.  This will give Romney the edge in the polls when those likely voter polls are started".  



"I am providing a pubic service."


paulejb, like I told you yesterday when you were complaining about flexibility and job definitions, that's the way it is the Worlds Oldest Profession!


Nothing is more dire than when your approval numbers mirror another failed President.

At this time in 1980, James Earl Carter's approval numbers were exactly the same as Barry Hussein Soetoro-Obama.  Unemployment was also neck and neck as well.  

Carter lost in a landslide in November.  



"This is charity, scooter."


Damn!  Paulejb is now reduced to holding conversations with it?



"Stupid is as stupid does."


So that's your justification for endthreaing?



The lunatic left is getting even more batty.

"Harry Belafonte: Romney victory would mean 'end of civilization" 

When Obama loses this lot will need to be put on suicide watch.



"Did you miss the link, scooter?"


Still talking to inanimate objects, paulejb?  Okaaaaaay...