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Silly Season

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As Mark Halperin predicted this morning, the Drudge Report is ground zero for misleading Romney veep rumor-mongering. And Drudge has come up with a doozy today: David Petraeus. Allegedly a source says that the President himself ¬†told someone at a fund-raiser that this was his understanding. Perhaps it’s the same source who told Harry Reid that Romney didn’t pay 10 years worth of income taxes. But, not to put too fine a point on it: this is bull pucky. Petraeus is currently serving in the Obama Administration–as a civilian–as CIA director. He is a man of honor, and honor dictates that you don’t run against a President you’ve chosen to serve. We don’t actually know if Petraeus is interested in politics. Or if he’s a Republican. His wife works for Elizabeth Warren’s invention, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (and does the Lord’s work there, attempting to protect our troops from loan scammers). But this is August and Drudge is, laughably, meretriciously, Drudge.