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Another Bad Day For Romney

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The theme of the day for the Romney campaign was, as Alex Rogers notes below, that Obama’s Soft on Welfare. It sort of flopped. The factoid planted at the microscopic center of the non-story is that the Obama campaign allegedly granted states the right to request waivers from the current welfare work requirements…which is true, except for the following things:

1. The waivers would be granted only if states came up with alternative ideas to create jobs for people on welfare.

2. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney himself asked for such a waiver in 2005.

And, this third bit is just too good…

3. As governor, Romney offered welfare recipients free auto insurance, registration, inspections and memberships in AAA. From the original Boston Herald piece:

“Over 80 percent of participants have moved off of welfare,” said Romney spokeswoman Gail Gitcho.

Under Romney’s Car Ownership Program, the state paid out one year’s insurance, inspection, excise tax, title, registration, repairs and a AAA membership for cars that were donated to welfare recipients. Under the plan, those who lost their jobs and ended up back on welfare were allowed to keep their free wheels.

Now, let me make two points:

1. This Romney–the guy who invented what the Herald called “Welfare Wheels”–is the same guy who launched on Rick Perry during the primaries for offering college scholarships to the children of illegal immigrants. In fact, he’s still against–maybe, I guess, but we can’t be too sure, because, well, he’s refusing to answer the question–the federal Dream Act, which would grant citizenship to such children who graduated college or served into the military. But cars for welfare recipients was, somehow, just fine. (By the way, I applaud Romney’s program and congratulate him on the 80% success rate.)

2. How incompetent is the Romney campaign? They keep coming up with these stupid gambits–the last was the lie that Obama opposed early voting for members of the military in Ohio–that are shot down instantaneously (everywhere but in Fox-Rush land). And worse, the Democrats–who seem to have a superior oppo team–can often produce counter-stories, like the Herald item, that make things even worse for Romney.

But there is a larger question here: How stupid does he think we are? Every day brings a mind-boggling act of untruth-telling. Last week, he told Sean Hannity that his economic plan “is very similar to the Simpson-Bowles plan.” Except for the fact that Simpson-Bowles raised $2 trillion in revenue over the next 10 years and Romney’s plan raises…well, he won’t say, but so far he hasn’t identified one red cent. I can’t remember a candidate so brazenly allergic to facts. What a travesty.

(PHOTOS: The Rich History of Mitt Romney)

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"Uncategorized"? Pretty clearly an opinion piece. And donated cars by definition are not paid for with tax money.

Dave Francis
Dave Francis




political parties are strictly Quid Pro Quo (something for something), with the

Democrats seeking votes—legal citizens or non citizens, with a similar plan

from the right to bring into the country legal immigrants, but not the

professionals and highly skilled people you would expect. America is in such a

predicament with poorly skilled workers and illegal aliens, the TEA PARTY are

the only easement from the GOP who will enforce immigration laws.  As we approach the general election we must

look hard at the voting laws, which are in a state of flux, as we have seen

more and more major irregularities. Unknown numbers of individuals who are non-citizens

are voting, whether illegal aliens, felons and even dead people. WHAT IS





One by one

THE TEA PARTY will replace the political hacks—the liars, cheats and frauds in

Washington that have been destroying America—and we will continue to do so with

your help of the voters in this Republic.


 If immigration policies had been carried out

to the letter, after the blanket amnesty of 1986, then the current horrendous chaos

would be insignificant. Communities as Farmers Branch would not be in pitch

battles with the court, over ordinances to stop the proliferation of illegal

aliens procuring taxpayers money or being able to settle there. The threat of

intimidation in Arizona, Texas or other states by the Socialists and Marxists

in the Obama administration, has been a financial cross to bear, but has shown

the length that these instigators will go to—to get there way.  Instead now have 20 million plus illegal

aliens scattered across America, either working under the table for dishonest

employers or using stolen ID to gain employment. Since the Simpson/Mazzoli bill

immigration has got completely uncontrollable with Sanctuary Cities springing

up, huge importations of people under Chain Migration adding to ultimately to

extra uncompensated programs for the ethnic poor from South of our border, from

those who overstayed visas from around the globe. In a second term Obama will

press for another mass amnesty, so he can eliminate any chance of the other

side from overriding his executive orders.


If you don’t

want to be paying out the money you have earned, for both the illegal aliens

who have never paid a cent into anything and the parasites (freeloaders) that

were born here, the best hope we have is voting more TEA PARTY members.  Whatever happened to President Obama, who was

going to be a world changer?  All he has

done is divided the country, which he not only has his people churned the U.S.

Constitution into the dirt, but intimidated numerous states over their stand on

illegal immigration. This issue carries enormous costs, which will be even add more

vulnerability as more people escaping poverty, will abscond to America that is

already under financial peril.



agenda is almost limitless; to kill any permits for drilling any of our massive

deposits of oil, gas that makes us ever dependent on foreign nations. Even now

we have spiraling gas prices that will never end, until we open up more wells,

and dig for more coal for energy to run our homes and industry.  Hundreds of billions of dollars have been

wasted on alternative methods, but the Socialists in Washington are adamant

that they will undermine fossil fuels in this time of urgent need. The Rules

and Regulations have become so predominant, that businesses large and small

cannot function properly; Obama’s czars are standing in the way of progressing

out of this sterile environment and dragging America down. 


The TEA PARTY leadership

will vote for to strict immigration policies though the Senate and House of

Representatives. But more TEA PARTY politicians must achieve more seats in

Congress, which seems to be actually happening? Plenty of these moderate

conservatives and true advocate of our U.S. Constitution are ready to influence

the other lawmaker’s to enact policies that assist out of work Americans. It

will open up jobs for millions of low income Blacks, Hispanics, and Latino’s,

Whites, Asians and all other ethnic groups lawfully here. It is passed time we

enacted the ‘Legal Workforce Act (H.R. 2885) and the Birthright citizenship Act

(H.R.140)? It is time that the state of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South

Carolina, Utah and other 50 states should be able to protect their state

borders? Each law is essential in structuring our policies, then once again

projecting a zero forbearance on our immigration policies. The Birthright

Citizenship law has been manipulated, as it didn’t extend that just anybody who

reached into America could be credited with citizenship, as it was only an

opportunity for the emancipation of slaves.  THESE LAWS MUST BE PASSED SO THE AMERICAN




Interesting enough

President Obama’s socialized health care is the ‘Catch 22’ situation which will

surface when the ‘Obamacare’ plan is fully operational. Illegal aliens will be

very vulnerable to detection, as these people will not be able to join the

health care program, but the children of illegal aliens will. The children of

11 million illegal aliens (if you believe the government estimates), whereas

more thoroughly research surveys estimate the real number in our populace is

over 20 million plus or in fact even higher?; children recognized as citizens

through a carefully engineered law, with the aim of stating the offspring are

citizens, once the Mother has smuggled the unborn baby through the arrival gate

at an airport or through the hundreds of open miles along our border. Once here

the pregnant mothers are on welfare and are then guaranteed all sorts of care,

that the majority of American expectant mother cannot collect. Citizens and

legal residents are tracked by their Social Security number for hospital fees,

while the illegal alien female pays zero. 

The American people are on the hook and expected to pay not only for the

‘freeloaders’ but the new baby citizen. An amendment to Rep. Steve Kings (R-IA)

‘BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP ACT will end this taxpayer rip-off, by insuring that

one parent must be a U.S. citizen, a legal permanent resident, or an

undocumented immigrant serving in the military would be considered citizens—saving

hundreds of billions of dollars a year in schooling, health care and many

public assistance programs. 



ACT like any other assessment waiver will just attract more pregnant females to

the U.S., so they can plant their unborn baby here as public charges? Customs

and Immigration Inspectors at any entry port cannot detect a fetus in the womb

of any female visitor, so they only deterrent we have are altering the

requirements for instant citizenship for babies? The Dream Act will inevitably discover

hundreds of thousand, even millions of the physical residences of ‘Dream Act’

kids, which could open  a new Pandora’s

box’ and reveal the presence parents by ICE for deportation punishment?  In furtherance American taxpayers are fully

aware now of the scam not addressed by the IRS. While Americans are have a hard

time feeding their families, illegal aliens are accessing the child tax credit

on a huge scale, ripping of the taxpayer for $4.6 billion dollars with Senator

Harry Reid, a diehard Liberal stopping the Senate from passing a law to stop

this conspiracy. The records show illegal aliens have been defrauding the

public for decades; paying nothing in the way of taxes, yet collecting money

through IRS stupidity, even to sending treasury checks to children not present

in the good old U.S.A.


The oddest

part of our immigration laws, is that ICE (as Yet) cannot track visa over stays

like many other nations? My thinking is that this is intentional, which we

should include any entry—which as a serious deterrent should be a Felony—not a

civil infraction? California, the well known sanctuary state for millions of

illegal aliens and a heavy duty liberal Governor and his progressives is out to

push drivers licenses for these people. Only the true voters can halt this and

be aware, that illegal alien will be voting in the upcoming elections and the

TEA PARTY people will be watching for criminal acts, especially with absentee

ballots and with no boundaries on voting the outcome could be well directed

fraud by the liberals and the Democrat underlings.






VOTE FOR A SIMPLE AMENDMENT TO THE ‘Birthright Citizenship Act’.  If we can pass this law as many other

countries have done, we can discourage the daily onslaught of thousands illegal

aliens trying to reach the United States.


Both political sides in

other major problems are responsible for this financial wreck, from the banks

not making loans and instead depositing the money in other investments.

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been approved by Obama’s people in questionable

loans in the solar ‘Sylindra’s and other combinations of ‘Green ventures” that

have otherwise faded away from the public eye. Hundreds of thousands of homes

lay empty because of incompetence of banking regulators, allowing politicians

and high pressure ethnic organization to approve loans for people who could

were low income and had no way to pay the loans back. If you look at the

statistics this was very visible in states as Arizona, California and Nevada

with high concentrations of illegal residents.


Go to the website of TEA

PARTY DOT ORG and read about the new revelation on Obama’s past history?

Numerous facts are appearing regarding his right to U.S Citizenship. From the

evidence of his academic background, to the fact as a being a citizen of

another country, you would be denied an education in Indonesia. Yet Obama was

able to gain admittance to a schooling there, which is significant amongst the

many other irregularities? This is a time for the American population to judge

for themselves, the evidentiary records that are available.  I can only speak for myself, but to be honest

I just don’t know what to think about it anymore? Questions to ask--

was birth certificate

produced by the White House proven a computer-generated forgery? Is it true

that all of his records were sealed—birth records, college records, passport

records? Was the Selective service records altered? A reason why he surrendered

his license to practice law—but why? Did he ever really have one? They say that

he hide his true birth place?  Why was he

listed as a “foreign student” in a Harvard Law School Review pamphlet? Is it

true he Held MULTIPLE social security numbers. Is he associating with KNOWN

communists and subversives, with many allowed into the White House? There is

much more detailed information about this crisis, asking does this man really

have American citizenship?






classmate's ex-wife makes $60/hr on the computer. She has been fired for

10 months but last month her pay check was $16107 just working on the

computer for a few hours. Read more here


Its got to be hard to run for president, but also know he can't admit to any of his plans or else he won't get elected.


I've been voting for over 30 years and it seems the more daunting the problems we face as a country the more stupid and vacuous the elections get.

Maybe American style democracy just doesn't work anymore.


"How stupid does he think we are? Every day brings a mind-boggling act of untruth-telling."

Thank you for saying that in a national news article.  I applaud you and you are my new hero.  The answer to that question is really f%^amp;$*H stupid.  The jokes on him though because he's not getting my vote.  What a snake!


On the off chance that the Dems or Dem leaning super PACs are reading here;  The best ad that you could make is one with just Romney speaking; inherently contradicting himself at almost every turn.  'Nuff said.



"There’s a big difference between asking for more  flexibility and gutting the  work requirement"


Well, that's the way it is in the worlds oldest occupation paulejb.  You'll just have to suck it up...



Whatever spins your wheels, scooter.


Why is paule addresing inanimate two-wheeled objects?


'Cause he thought it sounded cool?



"Here the liberal hive ruled the roost till I buzz around noisily."


Whatever bloats your float, paulejb...



"I think I do less harm to Obama then you do to Mitt."


Not a lot of friends of Mitt here at Swampland. Here the liberal hive ruled the roost till I showed up. Now you people just buzz around noisily.


Not a lot of friends of Mitt here at Swampland. Here the liberal hive ruled the roost till I showed up. Now you people just buzz around noisily.

I don't blame the person who gave you the keyboard or enough money to buy one. They just didn't realize how capable you are in delivering the idiocy you have in your mind until you type it out unfiltered by common sense.


All Republicans watch is Fox so they will never see the contradictions. 

The Chocolate Chips
The Chocolate Chips

It is remarkable to me the way the Romney campaign just tells lie after lie after lie. Newt Gingrich has only been right one time in his life and it was when he said Mitt Romney is a liar.


I want the media to stop sugar coating it and just call Ronney the liar that he is. Stop using all the other words to say te same thing, Romney is lying. Romney just lied. Romney is a liar. Simple.

J Jay
J Jay

The BIG Question is "What is this election really about"? Is it about "What is good for America or something else that we all feel it is all about"?  Bearing Mitch McConnell in mind.

 sam garvaux
sam garvaux

I should not say what I am about to because I am not a fan of Mitt Romney and do not support his candidacy.

Nevertheless, I AM a fan of HONESTY in all (make that most) things ; as such, I will go ahead and bite the bullet because Romney's bloviated ego and/or his handlers would not allow him to pay me any attention anyway:

The day that Romney speaks to the public on basic issues such as those which both he and candidate Obama agree, and there are more than a few, not the least of which are the basic tenets of "Obamacare" and "Romneycare", if you will allow, and more--that may be the first day he starts to break through to that Voting Public as a genuinely forthright individual capable of engendering trust.

For, in trusting the public by putting all his cards on the table,  he in turn would encourage public trust in return.

All the negative campaigning and all the very human blunders of the Romney campaign, the view of Romney as an out of touch privileged Wall St insider amp; Mormon practitioner would fade away quickly come November if Romney would quit trying to outwit the other side and start one day at a time relaxing that polished veneer to just Basic Unguarded Honesty and trust us voters to honestly judge him.

If Mitt Romney truly is the savvy entrepreneurial genius many say he is, and has the intellectual and leadership qualities to accomplish an economic (amp; psychological) turnaround as CEO of this great but troubled nation, an opening up to and trusting of the people-heart to heart and mind to mind-could be the Right Road to Pennsylvania Avenue


 Yes, he was a good business man.  One who bought companies, liquidated them and moved jobs overseas and profited.  Sure, that's good business and that makes a good business owner.  It does not however make a good president.  Also, his lack of compassion for the workers he fired and the dog he strapped to his car is also a sign of a man I would not want as president. 


I like what you've said, most of it anyway, but I think the idea that the United States needs a CEO might not be the appropriate way to approach our problems.

There are too many other problems in the US besides the treasury ledger that are simply not addressed by a corporate mindset.


In any other day and age, GN, there would be a lot of agreement between Romney and Obama.

One of the good things, maybe the only one, about the poisonous political atmosphere is that all the skeletons are out.  No way to keep 'em hidden with hordes of partisan researchers digging through each candidates data trail.

When I think about it, I realize that Obama has been searched and searched again for anything detrimental and the only thing they have is Famp;F (an iffy issue that's not sticking) and his collage grades.  He's remarkably clean and I think every president has an Famp;F in their portfolio by the time they finish their first term.

On the other hand, Romney has become more and more clumsy in navigating the shoals of flipflop-dom and is already hiding something the public wants to know.  The tax thing is killing him, and it's causing everyone to then take a second look at everything else he's doing.


Agreed; garvaux has made some good points, but after examining Romney's policy portfolio and agreement with the Ryan budget, I genuinely believe that he would bring us back to the devastation which greeted President Obama's first day in office.  I genuinely believe that Romney would not have been able to turn an 800k per month bleeding of jobs into 29 months of jobs growth.  He believes in Euro-style austerity and that would have been disastrous for this country.

In any event, I would welcome a substantive and forthright discussion of the type envisioned by sam garvaux.  However, I doubt that one will take place, because in order to placate the GOP base, Romney has had to adopt extremist positions re: SS, Medicare, and spending.  Thus the negativity and obfuscation of the real issues will continue.