Morning Must Reads: Unswayed

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Is God sending a messenger with a warning in the form of hurricane Isaac telling us and the world that the republinos must be stopped at all costs?  Was Katrina the first to show us republino incompetence?


I will be the first to admit that President Obama has made some mistakes

along the way, not holding wall street and the big banks accountable,

and taking too long to realize congress wanted him to be unsuccessful at

the cost of the economy and jobs.  However, I do give him credit for

trying and he has put forth a lot of good ideas that congress won't

consider.  Let's step back a minute and think what happened.  Mistakes

by both parties helped the banks and wall street crash our economy

losing jobs.  In the Great Depression no one blamed the unemployed for

being unemployed but today the "1%" has successfully convinced too many

people that because of the union workers' benefits and the laziness of

the unemployed on welfare, unemployment, and food stamps, that they are

causing the huge budget deficit. Wall street and the big banks are

enjoying the fact that business is back to normal but main street is far

from normal.   No, try to remember who caused the financial collapse

and then not blame President Obama for not having congress work with him

to correct the mess.

Darrel K.Ratliff
Darrel K.Ratliff

They couldn't swift boat Romeny   hes a draft evader Most LDS Missionaries  went in military service as they left the mission field some did military service first  then  served two years  as missionary.  I lucked out  they ended the draft a month before  graduating  high school and as the Nam war was starting to wind down and served as an LDS Missionary  starting a year later My first companion  had just gotten out of the US Marine Corp   


Yes, you have convinced me. From now on I will only vote for the

dumbest, most ignorant politician so he can pass stupid laws. That is

the only way for America to maintain its world dominance, prominence,

and military might. We need a politician with the will to drop THE BOMB

without asking questions and without knowing facts and not caring about

the consequences. "Yeah, right." We all wish for the weakest, dumbest,

most inefficient government possible. one that stands outside in the

rain and must wear slip on shoes because they don't know how to tie the

laces. Yes, no government is the best government. This is called

republino "common sense" get government out of our pockets and into our



The most efficient way to control the world is to control the most

powerful nation in the world. Regime change isn't good enough without

total control of the new regime.  The way to do it is to first convince

the population that your regime is the best in the world by infiltrating

the government through "free elections".  Do this by controlling  the

voters starting with minorities and a large percentage of the population

with little political power such as women.  By controlling the voting

population you can control the outcome. One way is by attacking the

government as being too strong (big) and that it must be weakened

(smaller). (Birth of the tea party)  Convince the voters you need

"starve the beast" decimating its power.  You do this by convincing

voters of its exceptionalism by "taking back" their nation led by

culturally superior whites and the easily manipulated minority

"leaders".  Only by becoming the government can you destroy it from

within and replace it with the power of the military and its new

leadership.  You now have the perfect recipe for world dominance and the

full power of the republinos.

Darrel K.Ratliff
Darrel K.Ratliff

Odds are Trump will be the VP Candidate  and will have to give up Reality tv show  even though he likes to Fire People Just like Willard he said he was sworn to secrecy for what he was to do at the GOP Get to gather in Fla.   Since Gingrich is out  hes the next best clown for the GOP silly soap-opera.

Darrel K.Ratliff
Darrel K.Ratliff

Their are three sides to the coin  the two extremes Heads  Or tails and  the slim Middle or edge of the coin that  its balanced on  and so far  its  landed on its edge and the slightest breeze will decide which way it falls  to be called. showing the winner  the looser  the hardest part will be  to return as a united country afterwards and to go forth and progress into the future when at least half the crowd will feel cheated in the toss. The federal level has to return  to the Ky Motto  to avoid its  worst out come

"united we stand divided  we fall."


I don't know if  Diana Ross would agree with you.



Obama is hearing the footsteps behind him"...of the corporations who are spending spending spending to spread false information.  Obama will be elected and it will be with the support of the typical American citizen, not the Supreme Courts' version of citizen.


Oh boy, where do I start? Public employees of public services such as

teachers, police, fire fighters, and city workers repairing potholes,

don't make too much money, if any, for the 1%. This is usually taxpayer

money paying people to benefit people that pay taxes(kind of a circular

money flow within the public sector), doesn't benefit the 1% at all. The

1% don't use public roads, bridges, and public transportation, along

with the education system and other public services. (Senator Kennedy

used to fly in his private jet to and from the senate.) Do you actually

think mitt would wait at the DMV for hours to renew his driver's license

or wait in an ER for his turn to be seen by a doctor? So, in order to

gain more money and power there is no need for public services as they

don't service the 1%. The 1%, as they gain political power, are

decimating the public sector and eventually it will simply "disappear".

The unbelievable part is that the average taxpayer agrees with the 1%

that public employees are the problem by being paid too much and have

too many benefits sucking up the money and benefits from the average

private citizen causing and contributing the financial, deficits, and

economic and jobs crisis. The mess, was in fact, created and perpetrated

upon the 99% in order to gain more power and money and the process

becomes self sustaining: The more the 1% takes the more it can take. An

example is housing. Your house "lost" about 30-40% in value (but only if

you sell do you realize the loss) the 1% has no intention of selling,

they are buying and accumulating wealth at bargain prices. There is a

purpose to their madness as they grow wealth at the 99% expense..


Perhaps one day we will get to decide the type of "free market" we will have:  Greenspan's no regulations anything goes policy or transparent and enforced regulations.  Size of government is not as important as efficiency of government although it should not be any larger than necessary.  Term limits and limiting lobby money would slow down the corruption and waste.  The government makes it too easy to spend other people's money or fight other people's wars for that matter.  Used to be one person, one vote.  Now it's one person if you can qualify, one vote, and one million dollars or more.

Darrel K.Ratliff
Darrel K.Ratliff

If you want to hear a re run of Mitch McConnell speech from Fancy Farm  KET has it  and IF the Republicans don't de-fund  Educational tv  you can see it on line   too bad it repeats the Misquote the National Republican party has made of  Obama's  infrastructure  speech taking words totally out of context it was given.. The edit job was lousy at best   Or jsut read it in context and you will see that Minority Mitch  is trying to oil  the path of Mitt  to leadership..   Teflon Mitch is slicker than Clinton ever dreamed of being..  but   the T Party will likely sink Mitch's boat  as they have  lots of incumbents next election.. IF the Democrats dont win the Fractional Republicans will self destruct from internal conflict.

Darrel K.Ratliff
Darrel K.Ratliff

Seasoned voters know  what to ignore and what is conceivable  as  almost facts and which  you should spend enough time to fact check to see what is truth and what is pure fluff that a door to door salesman might use to sell a less than quality product (knockoff) as genuine value with honest backgrounds.  

That can happen on both Left  and Right when extremists are extolling values on the candidate of choice or shading the opposition  to look less than stellar in the Office sought 


Romney: Israeli Culture is Superior to Palestinian Culture


just can't make this stuff up!  Although there is some truth to it as

the northern hemisphere is superior to the southern hemisphere and the

western hemisphere is superior to the eastern hemisphere.  And everyone

knows that the center of each state of the USA far out shines the rest

of that state.  Also, taller people are smarter and blue eyed people are

smarter.  No, no, no racism involved whatsoever.  The higher the IQ,

the higher the income, but only in nations that have completely free

trade with no regulations or restrictions.  It takes a republino to

point out the obvious.  Nothing better than the 1% hubris.




neighbor's sister-in-law makes $66 an hour on the laptop. She has been

fired for five months but last month her check was $18976 just working

on the laptop for a few hours. Here's the site to read more


A British government official speaking truth.

 “You should not trust government – full stop. The natural inclination of

government is to hoard power and information; to accrue power to itself

in the name of the public good.”


Willie Brown talks about how he, as assembly leader, and the left destroyed California.   Say hey, Willie.

Says getting re-elected was more important


Willie Brown: Architect Of A Money



Pallas Hupé


He is one of the most recognizable politicians in the state: former Assembly

Speaker Willie Brown. He helped create the California you live in today but does

he take credit for the bad along with the good? His frank answers in a sit-down

interview were more than a little surprising.

"I may have been one of the key architects of many of the things that have

created a challenge for my successors," Brown admitted during his


Architect may be a fitting word. This is the man who helped draw up the

blueprints for the 21st century California government.

Every week he holds court in the same corner booth in a San Francisco restaurant. It's a perfect

place to be seen and people watch - with people walking by the open window

where Brown sit and is visible from the sidewalk. It is also a place where, on

the day of the interview, belly dancers slink around the tables of the intimate

but eclectic establishment. Still, the clang of their finger cymbals don't

detract from a good game of dice played by Brown and his regular guests.

"That's the best hand we've seen today," says Brown, who undaunted,

rolls another longer taking changes with state's money but vying for

a cut of the lunch bill.

Eventually, the man who was once one of the most powerful people in the

state speaks - and makes some powerful statements about the unforeseen consequences

of his political decisions.

"In the world of politics we don't think in these terms," Brown says

of the political decisions in the Statehouse. "We think very short-range:

how can they be helpful in getting us re-elected. Period."

It's a very bold admission from a man with a deep history here in California. It's been 15 years since

Willie Brown left the Statehouse. In that time, the state saw unprecedented

growth both in California's businesses and in its

housing market. He also oversaw the expansion of the state government and the

protection of its employees.

"I had actually participated in moving legislation to reduce the

retirement age for teachers and I did it with great pride and I created it in

my resume as one of my great achievements."

He also realizes, though, that he helped set up the problems we see today:

state IOU's, furlough Fridays, and layoffs on a scale the state has never

before had to face.

"Nobody took the time to do the analysis that would have persuaded us we

needed to add money to make it work," says Brown.

Before his time, state jobs were almost entry-level, nearly blue collar in

their description. Now, those workers are protected civil servants with the

same benefits as the private sector. It's a change Brown now believes was

short-sighted, even self-serving. He freely admits that he benefitted with a 15

year run as speaker and a long political career. Still, he doesn't believe

politicians deserve ALL the blame. He puts some of the blame on us, the voters.

"The public is equally guilty," he says emphatically, "we are

equally guilty of being generous, literally to a fault with retirees."

Beyond that he won't commit to any answers about how to fix what's NOT working

because he believes that you have to play the hand you're dealt. He's far from

apologizing for what he did, either.

"I think politicians should never apologize for making a decision based on

new knowledge, superior knowledge, or better ideas."

The biggest challenges he sees? Under-funded education, refusal to raise taxes

and a resistance to cut programs in a legislature he believes is hamstrung by

term limits. What he sees most threatening of all, though, is what he calls a

ticking time bomb: retiree benefits for state workers.

"Job security, zero requirement on the performance side, longevity or

seniority for a promotion," counts out Brown speaking about some of the

concerns regarding state workers. "So when we said we're going to start

making you comparable [to the private sector], we didn't move it all. So it was

half done? It was less than a half - less than half!"

When asked what he most regrets about his time in Sacramento?

"Not being as attentive to the long-range implications of some of the

policies that I advocated."


 Paul, the left here lost it a long time ago due to many foreign substances.  Remember, many of them grew up in the 60s and 70s before the warning about eating lead paint.



"If enjoy making inane posts."


Well, now isn't that letting the cat our of the bag?  Who woulda guessed!



"No. You're comparing apples to oranges. You can't even make the analogy fit. No matter how much you bang the square peg into the round hole."





"*Meaning I don't remember or I don't get it*"


I made no replies to outsider's daily dose of left wing bilge today until he addressed me.



"At least 'we' complain about something real."


You chumps complain just to hear the sound of your own voices. Those that can, DO. Those that can't, COMPLAIN. 



"In other words you can't explain."


Explain something to you so that you can understand it? I am sorry, Ob. My skills do not include the ability to perform miracles. 


Fiat Built That

Obama touts the success of now foreign owned Fiat and how wonderful they are doing.Didn't anyone tell him that Chrysler is no longer a domestic car company?  


He's such an idiot.


Bill Clinton being used to capture or hold white Democrat voters from deviating from the party platform, but will it work?

Not so says many.

Yes, the charismatic former president remains extremely popular – 66 percent favorability in the latestCNN poll – and he could knock it out of the arena. Mr. Clinton has the potential, in particular, to reach white, working-class voters, a demographic that challenges Mr. Obama. But the election is still going to boil down to how swing voters feel about Obama’s potential to revive the economy over the next four years. Chances are, Clinton’s speech will be all but forgotten byElection Day.  In fact, Clinton’s address – to be announced Monday, according to The New York Times – could end up hurting Obama. who will be in the front row, Hillary or Monica?



' "Saving" the Olympics versus trying to get them in the first place.  Yeh, that's a false equivalent.'


Not at all, foggie. It is the perfect contrast of Mitt's record of success and Obama's record of "EPIC FAIL."

Newly selected Nobel Peace Prize recipient couldn't even convince the powers that be to award his hometown the 2016 Olympics.


Want to know how dirty and nasty the Obama campaign can get?

But, Hillary Clinton already knew that.  Bill is going to make the big speech to put Obama up for a 2nd term, go figure.  But then again, Bill has always threw Hillary to the curb for other freaks all the time.


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