Morning Must Reads: Building

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–On CNBC, former Citi honcho Sandy Weill calls for breaking up the banks.

–After more than a week of out-of-context attacks on “you didn’t build that,” Obama offers a video rebuttal, thereby acknowledging the broadsides are working.

–The President’s narrow edge over the presumptive Republican nominee is slightly larger in the 10 key swing states.

–Ron Paul reaches the apotheosis of his Congressional career: symbolic passage of his signature bill.

–Is the fiscal cliff a red herring?

–Non-mainlanders stick together: an Alaska Republican cuts an ad endorsing a Hawaii Democrat. (Via Swamp alum KT.)

–Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who resembles nothing so much as a human teleprompter on the stump, chides Romney for running a bubble-wrapped campaign.

–Ride along on a jaunt through al-Qaeda country.

–And Wells Tower, doing his best D.F. Wallace, takes to the trail to crack the mystery of Mitt.