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Below Low

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I wonder if all those neoconservatives and assorted heroes who also style themselves as American patriots will tolerate this sort of rhetoric from Newt Gingrich, who is clearly groveling for Sheldon Adelson’s continued support. It seems to me that accusing the President of the United States of clearing the way for a “second holocaust” is a bit much. I should add that in Thursday night’s debate both Gingrich and Romney continued their outrageous, inaccurate attacks on the President with regard to Israel. Gingrich claimed the President had not said a word about the rockets pummeling Israel from Gaza. Wrong. Obama actually went to Sderot, the town most pummeled, and expressed his outrage, with an array of spent Hamas rocket casings behind him. Romney once again claimed that Obama “threw Israel under the bus” by proposing the 1967 borders as the “basis for negotiations.” Obama has done no such thing: he favors the 1967 borders with mutually agreed-upon land swaps–which is precisely the position that every President since Nixon has taken (and which is the not-so-tacit position of the Netanyahu government). The willingness of Gingrich and Romney to promulgate these lies in order to win Jewish votes in Florida, and Jewish money from Las Vegas, is disgraceful.