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Those Crazy Hunstman Girls

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The Jon Huntsman campaign limps along, despite the candidate’s unwavering sanity and his bold plan to address the core, long-term economic problems, which I wrote about last week…and also despite the hilarious antics of his three daughters, who are following in Meghan McCain’s footsteps, as the superstar outlaw family-members of choice in this campaign.

Huntsman has been gaining bit by bit in New Hampshire–the latest polling has him sneaking into double digits for the first time–but his refusal to play in Iowa, and his vaporous poll ratings in that state, has gotten him knocked off the podium for the next few GOP debates.

This is a shame. Huntsman has shown himself to be wise and subtle on foreign policy–and courageous on economics, where he is the only candidate in either party to lay out a plan to break up the big banks and, at the same time, try to encourage a manufacturing revival.

The Huntsman daughters youtube videos have gone viral, which is great fun…But it would be nice if Huntsman’s economic plan went viral, too.