The Military Legacy of David Petraeus

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When David Petraeus retires from the Army at the end of this month to take the helm at the CIA, he’ll leave behind a radically different fighting force from what existed even a decade ago. As Joe writes in this week’s issue of TIME, Petraeus, the intellectual force behind the counter-insurgency campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, leaves a lasting mark on the armed forces that has less to do with the mixed results COIN has produced, and more to do with a military that is better trained to handle the chaotic and culturally complex conflicts of the 21st century. A taste:

Petraeus was acting on what he calls a “really big idea”: full-spectrum warfare, which added COIN to the mix of traditional offensive and defensive operations. At Fort Leavenworth, home to a required one-year graduate-school program for majors, Petraeus added courses in COIN and Islamic culture, plus a Pashtu- or Arabic-language elective, to the traditional curriculum in strategy, tactics and logistics. “We did that throughout the Army,” Petraeus says. “Every soldier gets that now.

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