Michele Bachmann, True Believer

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You might have caught my dispatches from South Carolina this week, where I saw Michele Bachmann take her act to that important southern primary state. In this week’s print issue of TIME, you can read a longer, richer story on how Bachmann was received there, what comes next for a campaign suddenly under intense scrutiny, and the important ways in which she’s different from a woman to whom she’s often compared, Sarah Palin. I also talked to a former aide about Bachmann’s migraine condition; an adviser to a GOP rival impressed by her ability to withstand hostile interviews; a supporter who believes that “evil” has enveloped America and the Rapture is nigh; and a former Democratic colleague from Minnesota who calls the Iowa front-runner a sincere “true believer,” not an ideological opportunist. Pick up a print issue or subscribe online to read the whole thing.