Morning Must Reads: Boots

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  • Wisconsin’s supreme court upholds law restricting collective bargaining.
  • Governor Andrew Cuomo’s gay marriage legislation is one vote away clear passage. It could happen Friday.
  • A federal district judge denied a motion to dismiss the 2010 decision striking down California’s gay marriage ban on the basis that the ruling judge in that case, Vaughn Walker, was in a long-term same-sex relationship.
  • Pakistan detains informants who led the CIA to bin Laden.
  • Huntsman, still looking like he wants to fill the role of mainstream Republican isolationist, on Afghanistan: “The very expensive boots on the ground may be something that is not critical for our national security needs, nor is it something we can afford this point in our economic history.”
  • Romney’s apparent dovishness Monday spooked some parts of the conservative foreign policy establishment.
  • Kicking up dust in New York, Rick Perry says he’s giving a White House bid “second thought.”
  • The how and who of deficit creation in Congress.
  • And welcome to Tea Party summer camp.