Morning Must Reads: Dissatisfied

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  • A Washington Post/ABC News poll finds President Obama’s disapproval rating back at 50%, seemingly driven by the highest economic pessimism — 44% say things are getting worse — since March, 2009. A likely culprit for that shift is rising food and fuel prices; 78% say inflation is getting worse in their area. Obama still wins all hypothetical matchups against potential opponents for 2012, who are dragged down by Republicans dissatisfied with their options.
  • Four ways for candidates to deal with the “fatal flaws” behind the dissatisfaction.
  • Dave Weigel notes the White House failed to jump all over S&P’s credit warning yesterday. Mitt Romney didn’t:

“The Obama presidency was downgraded today. And people recognize that this president is playing chicken with the U.S. economy … But if the interest costs are going up why it could be devastating to the U.S. economy and could make job growth even more difficult.”

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