Bye, Bye Swampland…

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Been posting here on Swampland on matters military for several months now. But it’s time now to march on over to Battleland, a military-related blog we’re setting up here in the Time web empire. So this is goodbye, at least in the sense that the Swamp will no longer be my normal base of operations. This blogging business comes with certain pluses and minuses. Speed and agility — hey, sounds like that Army briefing I’ve been hearing since 1979 — are paramount. You also post without going through a flotilla of editors. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on how egregious the error you let slip by is. The quick, loving — and pungent — responses from commenters is also something new. Some days you feel like a kid at camp writing letters home to parents who hate you. In any event, thanks to all you Swamplanders for helping create such a community, and allowing me to sit in for awhile.