Morning Must Reads: Kinetic

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A rebel sits in the back of a pick up truck outside Ajdabiya, March 22, 2011. (Patrick Baz / AFP / Getty Images)

–In this week’s TIME: Fareed Zakaria in the cover story on Libya hitting newsstands tomorrow: “You know your strategy is flawed if your problems mount when it succeeds.” Bobby Ghosh and Abigail Hauslohner profile the ragtag rebels. And Massimo considers UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who shares some regrets over the failure to act in Rwanda in 1994: “I swore to myself that if I ever faced such a crisis again, I would come down on the side of dramatic action, going down in flames if that was required.” Get it all in glossy.

–The White House is describing the campaign as “kinetic military action” rather than active warfare.

–Dick Lugar wants Libya hearings in the Senate. Speaker Boehner asks questions of Obama.

–Mitt Romney goes to Wall Street to raise dough. Says a fundraiser, “By early summer, the world will know what we’ve done.”

–The Obama administration isn’t interested in a corporate tax holiday.

–Dave Weigel points out the absolute absurdity of non-donor-disclosing CREW and an anonymous Dem charging Karl Rove’s group with hypocrisy for expressing an interest in FOIAing the Obama administration. Political organizations and the federal governments just aren’t in the same league when it comes to accountability.

–Tim Pawlenty has room to grow.

–And Stephen Colbert has his number:

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