Morning Must Reads: Struggle

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President Obama talks with British Prime Minister Cameron about Libya on an Air Force One flight from Santiago, Chile to San Salvador, El Salvador on March 22.  (White House/Pete Souza)

–Even with Western support, Libyan rebels struggle. Secretary Clinton says Gaddafi, or some in his regime, may be looking at diplomatic alternatives. The harrowing tale of those four captured Times journalists.

–The Midwest political frost for new Republican governors, still gripping Ohio, spreads to Michigan.

–Jonathan Cohn, a proponent of the health reform law and perhaps its closest follower since inception, ruminates on the PPACA one year later.

–Mitt Romney uses the anniversary to try to put distance between himself and the law in a conservative forum.

–How Romney’s crew splits their time with Scott Brown.

–Rejecting immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship appears to have become a prerequisite for seeking the Republican Senate nomination in Arizona.

–Could liberals learn to love the Fed?

–The central bank is making the government a lot of money.

–And Sarah Palin dons philosemetic bling.

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