Morning Must Reads: Brink

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Protesters are seen through a Kingdom of Libya flag during celebrations after a U.N. resolution authorising a “no-fly” zone and military attacks on Muammar Gaddafi’s forces, in Tobruk, east of Tripoli, March 18. (REUTERS/Suhaib Salem)

–Britain and France say they are on the brink of military action against Libya. The Libyan foreign minister says a ceasefire will go into effect. President Obama is expected to publicly address the situation later today.

–Yemeni security forces are cracking down hard on anti-government protesters and at least 30 are dead.

–The FDIC slaps WaMu upside the head with a harsh lawsuit for negligent risk and dereliction of fiduciary duty.

–California’s legislature has passed sweeping cuts, the first part of the process to close their yawning budget shortfall. Voters still need to approve tax hikes at the ballot box.

–Obama fires up the money machine.

–Haley Barbour vs. Bill Kristol and the neocons.

–The LA Times profiles Palin intimate Rebecca Mansour.

–And Jim DeMint wasn’t so down on RomneyCare in 2007.

–And Tim Palwenty’s accent: the full investigation.

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