Morning Must Reads: Corps

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Anti-government soldiers in the eastern city of Benghaz prepare to march on the Libyan capital, Tripoli. (Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR for TIME)

–Dispatches from Libya in revolt. Western military intervention remains unlikely.

–The Supreme Court rules corporations don’t have a right personal privacy. They still have free speech.

–Adam Smith, the dean of Florida political press corps, says this is the most important mayoral race in the country.

–A poll suggests Mike Huckabee would rule the south in a presidential primary. Regardless of who else runs, Mitt Romney might have some problems there.

–A Newt Gingrich aide cautions journalists not to get ahead of themselves.

–Tim Pawlenty hugs the Tea Party tight.

–The revenue problem in action: Part of December’s tax deal that allows businesses to deduct the value of new equipment could blow a hole in state tax receipts.

–If you have the constitution for it, two opposing takes from Dean Baker and Josh Barro on state pensions.

–After a long wait, Fed nominee and Nobel laureate Peter Diamond will face Senate confirmation committee hearings next.

–And it’s the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps:

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