Morning Must Reads: March

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Protesters fill the Rotunda at the State Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin on February 16. (Photo by Mark Hirsch/Getty Images)

–Details begin to emerge on the Simpson-Bowles style deficit reduction package being crafted by Senators Durbin, Conrad, Warner, Coburn, Crapo and Chambliss.

–Authorities in Bahrain cracks down on protests.

–President Obama sees an “assault on unions” in Wisconsin as public workers march.

–The U.S. breaks precedent and rebukes Israel in the U.N. Security Council.

–The Obama stimulus turns two and Michael Grunwald writes its grant competitions are ushering in a new era of bureaucratic rationality.

–In the magazine: Joe on Mitch Daniel’s resistance to pandering, Fareed Zakaria and Bobby Ghosh on Egypt, and Rahm Emanuel storms Chicago city hall.

–Scott Brown’s memoir is candid.

–Tom Perriello will defer to Tim Kaine on a Senate bid in Virginia. Obama has chatted with Kaine, who’s not a “definite no.”

–David Frum has John Thune’s number: “‘The most popular Republican for 2012 is Generic Republican.’ And John Thune is the most splendidly generic Republican in the 2012 race.”

–Nevada and Ohio are the greatest historical bellwethers.

–Five myths about school vouchers.

–And the Red Cross cuts loose.

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