Morning Must Reads: Mirage

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Donald Trump speaks at the 38th annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington on February 10. (REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

–President Obama leans on the Egyptian government and asks for clarity in a long statement Thursday night after Mubarak’s defiant and opaque speech.

–“Believe in America” sounds like a campaign slogan. It’s the title of Mitt Romney’s speech this morning at CPAC and he’s distributing bumper stickers bearing the catchphrase. Today’s schedule.

–David Brooks thinks entitlement-driven budget crush will kill a lot of good programs and that discretionary spending cuts are a mirage.

–Howard Gleckman points out the Fannie Freddie sinkhole is nothing compared to the mortgage interest deduction in terms of dollars and cents.

–Federal Reserve board member Kevin Warsh, a Bush 43 appointee influential during the financial crisis, is leaving the central bank, giving Obama a second open seat to fill. Nobel laureate Peter Diamond has been in confirmation limbo since the last vacancies opened up.

–Orrin Hatch’s shift has been legislative not just rhetorical. The Utah Senator scored a perfect 100 from the American Conservative Union last year.

–Democrats search for a strong recruit to compete for Kyl’s Senate seat in Arizona.

–The new head of the ACU, which puts on CPAC, distances himself from the gay conservative group that’s caused some tensions there.

–Ten days out, Rahm Emanuel is still crushing primary polling.

–And how the NFL filibustered overtime reform.

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