Nation’s Couch Potatoes Woefully Underrepresented in Political Process

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Or something like that. Our colleague John Cloud explains:

After decades of studies that have controlled for varying levels of trust in the political system, interest in political news, strength of moral convictions, geographic mobility, religious involvement, and voter age, political scientists have found that these factors account for only about 31% of the difference in political participation among any given group of individuals. Now a new study suggests that how physically active a population is may account for just as much of the variance as all those other, more obvious factors combined.

….the authors’ analysis found that tendency toward action, as measured by physical activity, correlated with more political involvement. Interestingly, they found that physical activity corresponded only with political action — actually getting out and voting, say, or going door-to-door for a candidate — and not with mere interest in politics.

I guess Obama would have been better off taking those ads out in Runner’s World rather than in Xbox’s “Burnout Paradise.”