Morning Must Reads: Opportunity

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–In this week’s newsstand edition of TIME: David Von Drehle retells the Tucson shooting as a war on normalcy, observers from Glenn Beck to Deepak Chopra weigh incivility, Fareed Zakaria considers a combative China in transition, and more.

–Obama’s speech last night in Arizona is worth watching in full if you haven’t already seen it.

–Fallows thinks it was one of his best. Rich Lowry and several others on the right don’t disagree.

–Jonathan Martin argues Sarah Palin opened an opportunity for the president.

–John Boehner skips Tucson and backs Maria Cino in the RNC chair’s race.

–There are a lot of votes to limit the EPA’s carbon emission power in both chambers of Congress.

–If you needed another indication Mitt Romney is running for president (you didn’t), he has stepped down from the board of Marriott.

–And Bob McDonnell invents a Jeffersonian denial to questions about presidential ambition.

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