Morning Must Reads: Turnover

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President Obama introduces William Daley as the new White House chief of staff on January 6, 2011. (REUTERS/Jason Reed)

–The economy added 103,000 jobs in December as the unemployment rate dropped to 9.4%, the lowest it’s been since May, 2009. While the lower rate may reflect fewer Americans looking for work, the big drop may be due to upward revisions for October and November.

–Ron Brownstein argues the new Republican House’s efforts to role back Democratic legislative gains offers Obama a second chance to sell the American people on those policies before the next election. Also worth reading: Brownstein on the president’s challenge with white blue-collar voters.

–Bill Daley will bring some new blood with him to the White House. Making the rounds: a 2005 profile from Chicago Magazine. As expected Obama will name Gene Sperling as the new head of the National Economic Council this morning.

–More departures: Paul Volcker and Ezekiel Emanuel.

–Tim Geithner issues another warning on the debt ceiling.

–Robert Gates heads to China and Japan.

–Tim Pawlenty’s new book plays up the blue collar angle. Christian Heinze notices the same dynamic in an interview with Matt Lewis.

–Page Six floats a Rudy run.

–Just about everybody wants to do tax reform. The execution wont be so easy.

–And it’s snowing right now in New York City. Bloomberg mulligan?

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