Virginia’s Polarizing Attorney General

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I have a piece up today on Ken Cuccinelli, whose suit against the health-care law was merely one of his many crusades against the federal government this year. As I write:

Just as Sarah Palin harnessed Facebook as a medium to inveigh against Beltway elites, Cuccinelli has leveraged his niche at the nexus of politics and the law to stir up supporters. This is the paradox of the perch: he is an unabashed partisan elected to an office that prioritizes public service over politics, a defender of the Constitution eager to rewrite parts of it. His 14 seasons as a youth-basketball referee, he says, were a perfect preparation for the controversies he’s weathered, “because every time you blow the whistle, half the people are mad at you.” It tends to be the same half.

With the President and Congress (and some of our staff) away on holiday, posting may remain a little light this week. Meanwhile, a belated Merry Christmas to all our readers. Hopefully few of you endured holiday-travel disasters.