Morning Must Reads: Sunny

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Defense Secretary Robert Gates boards a C-17 after visiting U.S. troops at Forward Operating Base Howz-E-Madad in Kandahar Province in Afghanistan December 8, 2010. (REUTERS/Win McNamee)

–The Senate begins debate on Obama’s tax compromise today and Dems there are beginning to thaw. House Dems not so much; someĀ wonder what if.

–Larry Summers strays from the script and warns of a double-dip.

–Austan Goolsbee once again busts out the whiteboard:

–Evangelical heavyweight Richard Land sees a flawed GOP ’12 field. Rick Santorum says what they’re all thinking.

–I’m sure Jay will have more to say about her cover piece on Palin.

–A Bloomberg poll finds a majority of Americans saying they’re worse off than they were two years ago.

–After a few days in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Gates sounds incredibly sunny.

–Jonathan Last examines Stuxnet.

–Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin mercifully put to bed that whole Obama primary challenge thing.

–The New York Post gets giddy over Mayor Bloomberg’s economy speech.

–And the Angry Birds peace talks break down.

What did I miss?

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