Morning Must Reads: Search

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(Getty Images/Alex Wong)

–The final Bowles-Simpson deficit commission report is out. You can read it here. After a cursory glance, the tweaks from the draft proposal look minor. The panel’s vote isn’t until Friday, but it looks unlikely to get 14 of 18 votes for official recommendation.

–As Democrats and Republicans head into high-level talks on the Bush tax cuts, the White House looks ready to extend everything temporarily.

–There appears to be some movement on new START with Senators McCain, Corker and Voinovich inching toward support and the White House claiming progress with Kyl.

–Peter Hamby gives the state-of-play of the RNC chair race.

–Other major committee heads are falling into place. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley will take over the DGA and after much cajoling, Washington Senator Patty Murray has agreed to return to the DSCC (she chaired it in 2002). She faces a decidedly nasty cycle with 23 seats to defend, including tough holds in Nebraska and Missouri, and only 10 Republican seats up for grabs. John Cornyn, whose experience with Tea Party challenges to the Establishment will be needed in 2012, will remain at the NRSC.

–The Indianapolis Star looks at Dick Lugar’s right flank

–Chris Dodd bids adieu to the Senate:

–Steve Kornacki pens a rich history of Steve Solarz and Chuck Schumer.

–Philip Klein compares Tim Pawlenty’s potential pardon problem with Mike Huckabee’s record.

–Iowa doesn’t like a flirt.

–Bruce Barlett goes off on Mike Pence’s economic speech.

–The NRSC’s Katie Harbath looks at the rise of mobile campaigning.

–What’s in the food safety bill.

–And Yahoo sends around the top searched politicians of the year:

1. Barack Obama
2. Sarah Palin
3. Christine O’Donnell
4. Hillary Clinton
5. Nikki Haley
6. Arnold Schwarzenegger
7. Meg Whitman
8. Nancy Pelosi
9. Linda McMahon
10. Scott Brown

What did I miss?

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