Morning Must Reads: Breaks

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President Obama leaves the lecturn following remarks about federal worker wage freezes on November 29. (Reuters/Jason Reed)

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner pre-spin today’s White House superslurpee summit and claim a Republican mandate.

–No deal on repeal of health reform’s 1099 tax reporting provision as the Baucus and Johanns amendments go down. Both sides want it gone, but can’t agree if/how to offset the cost.

–The food safety bill that it was going to be attached to should get a vote today.

–With Chuck Schumer on point, some congressional Dems eye extending the Bush tax cuts for all but 315,000 people making a million+ a year. The left doesn’t love that.

–Eric Cantor says the GOP is prepared to vote against an extension of breaks just for those earning $250k or less.

–Democratic Senators have been reduced to begging Patty Murray to be the DSCC sacrificial lamb in 2012.

–The CBO checks in on TARP, pegs the cost down at $25 billion.

–Health reform’s Medicare Advantage cuts are going through with minimal disruption. The White House does a little dance.

–Tyler Cowen surveys the post-PPACA landscape and is pessimistic.

–Michael Bloombeg’s national numbers aren’t good.

–Gary Johnson tours Florida.

–Joe Scarborough foments a Republican backlash against Palin.

Shots fired in Virginia’s 2012 Republican Senate primary.

–How one private first class in a desert shack allegedly unleashed the WikiLeaks deluge.

–And Tim Carney guesstimates which lobbying/consulting gigs departing Senators will land.

What did I miss?

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