Morning Must Reads: Screening

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(White House/Pete Souza)

–As Obama and Biden head to Kokomo, Indiana for an auto bailout victory lap out, the AP tells the back story.

–The White House “strongly condemns” North Korea for exchange of artillery fire with the South. Things are escalating.

–The administration is willing to go to bat for TSA screening policies.

–Kevin Drum is slightly inconvenienced as hell and he has no real problem taking it anymore.

–Mark Hyman would prefer profiling a la El Al (and the TSA not to exist anymore).

–David Brock of Media Matters takes concrete steps toward a Dem outside group to match Crossroads et al.

–Political advertising on websites such as Pandora and Hulu is on the rise.

–The top DSCC spot remains unfilled.

–In defending the Fed, Barney Frank tries to play the China card against Republicans.

Ben Smith’s dispatch from Israel finds Obama’s settlement focus counterproductive.

–Al Gore admits ethanol oohing and ahhing was political.

–Rand Paul will write “The Tea Party Goes to Washington,” a full-length sequel to his hit children’s book, “The Tea Party Goes to Summer Camp.”

–And 88 years of the presidential vote in 74 seconds:


What did I miss?

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