Morning Must Reads: Showdown

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That picture (Reuters/Jason Reed) is from the incident Scherer described.

–The Des Moines Register weighs how the conservative mojo this cycle may translate to the Iowa caucuses.

–The Boston Herald really thinks it’s Scott Brown’s time.

–Politico likes Marco Rubio for veep.

–Tim Pawlenty wants to make things all about health reform because it’s a way of running against Obama and Mitt Romney at the same time.

–Paul Ryan doesn’t like the latest round of quantitative easing and warns of inflation. Ditto Sarah Palin (!).

–The New York Times ed board thinks it’s time for Pelosi to move on.

–Eric Ostermeier points out she was one of eight House Dems to be reelected by a wider margin in ’10 than in ’08.

–Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn vie for the whip post, but might cut a deal in the end.

–Michele Bachmann ruffles some feathers in her bid for GOP conference chair.

–Chuck Schumer isn’t interested in returning to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

–Eric Cantor does some pre-positioning for a showdown with the White House.

–Obama sounds very open to concession on the Bush tax cuts — temporarily extending the top-tier breaks.

–Hendrik Hertzberg thinks the Dems will be largely helpless for the next two years.

–And Marc Ambinder, whom I’ve enjoyed reading for quite some time, bids a thoughtful farewell to blogging.

What did I miss?

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