Morning Must Reads: Mr. Speaker

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A lot of good stuff in this week’s newsstand issue of TIME. That cover says a lot all on its own.

–Mitch McConnell will restate his priority of making Obama a one-term president today. It looks like a bad cop routine to compliment Boehner’s good cop one.

–Jim DeMint settles into his role and catches some flak for it.

–The 2010 midterms in one incredible map from The New York Times:

–Obama takes the obligatory body blows.

–James Fallows comes across this in a Chinese newspaper

The world media believes that Americans did not take into serious consideration the current administration’s policy adjustments but abruptly hoped their leader would instantly bring them back to the golden time after Cold War, which is impossible…. What Obama has encountered right now is because he has become the scapegoat for U.S. decline

At the district level, it wasn’t as simple as just the economy.

–Nate Silver writes Latinos delivered for Democrats in a way much of the polling missed.

–After the AP called then un-called the Connecticut governor’s race, confusion reigns.

–How they’ll do the count in Alaska.

–Our colleague Steve Gandel parses the latest round of quantitative easing. Ben Bernanke lays out his general case in the Washington Post.

–Soon-to-be House Financial Services chairman Spencer Bachus says Fannie and Freddie will be front and center.

Evan Bayh and Mike Pence look just about set to run in 2012. (For governor of Indiana, silly.)

Alito razzes Scalia over originalism and video games.

–And Obama gives the press corps the gerund they always wanted.

What did I miss?

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