Insult to Injury

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From 2004 through 2008, Democrats racked up state-legislature seats in three straight cycles, gaining 55% of all seats and control of 60 legislative chambers. So the thumping they took in statehouses around the U.S. last night was partly a function of their own recent successes. Not that it softens the blow. Republicans captured a majority of governorships and notched sweeping gains in state legislatures, giving the party the upper hand in redistricting battles that will redraw the electoral map for the next decade. The GOP took control of both chambers in 25 state legislatures, up from 14; Democrats, who had held held 27, saw their tally sink to 16. The GOP made critical inroads in the Midwest–which will lose seats because of population loss in the 2010 census–winning a slew of governorships and capturing the Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota Houses. (The bipartisan NCSL has a handy map.) They also made symbolic gains in Alabama, which they control for the first time in more than 100 years, and North Carolina. Republicans now hold more seats than at any time since 1928.