The House Flips

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Both CNN and MSNBC are now projecting that House Republicans will gain at least 39 seats and control of the House. The crowd here at the GOP victory party, where Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele just spoke and predicted a 55 seat pick up in the House, is cheering as CNN analyzes the races.

Some significant pickups for the GOP thus far: Virginia’s fifth district where Tom Perriello ran as a proud puppet of Nancy Pelosi and the Obama Administration and where the President campaigned this week. Also, Rep. Alan Grayson, the king of lefty bomb throwing, was defeated in Florida – his loss drew the loudest cheers of the evening at this GOP party. Also, Suzanne Kosmas a freshman from Florida lost her seat. Significantly, Virginia’s Rick Boucher who has represented Virginia’s Ninth Congressional District for 27 years, lost his reelection bid tonight – speaking to a larger wave than just the 50+ swing seats Dems picked up in 2006 and 2008. So… Speaker Boehner.