Morning Must Reads: Election Day

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Delaware Republican Christine O’Donnell smiles after casting her ballot in Wilmington, Delaware on November 2. (REUTERS/Tim Shaffer)

–Walking up the big vote, our own Michael Duffy writes about the crucial yet fickle independents who are poised to deliver major gains to Republicans. A taste:

But in this pendulum-driven environment, perhaps the only thing harder than winning the independent vote is keeping it, for the most pivotal group of voters in the country today are also the hardest to please.

–Election Day basics: Final predictions from the pros, poll closing times, weather and recount laws.

–Following up on his five reasons the Republican wave might be bigger, Silver susses out five reasons the Democrats may outperform expectations.

–Mark Blumenthal asks if the polls could be wrong. (Probably not.)

–The Wall Street Journal hears the first shots of the inevitable circular firing squad.

Don’t stay up waiting for definitive results in Alaska.

–Illustrating how unshakable the issue appears to be, Mitt Romney fields questions on health reform on election-eve.

–National Journal starts profiling the likeliest congressional newcomers.

–State assemblies follow the House.

–Damian Paletta predicts an interesting lame duck.

–Johnny Cash’s daughter doesn’t like John Boehner’s jokes.

–And a special Second City report: Is Obama Keynesian?

Stay tuned for our exhaustive election coverage into the wee hours and feel free to send us your anecdotes and photos from the polls.

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