In the Arena

Stewart v. Olbermann

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I think Jon Stewart’s final plea for sanity at Saturday’s rally was among, well, the sanest statements of the political year. Keith Olbermann didn’t like it. Message to Keith, in language he should understand:

You, sirrrr, have gotten a bit too full of yourself. You’re not a charlatan like Glenn Beck, but you do go on…and on, in a crashingly inflated manner…with little of the irony and whimsy that used to make you fun to watch–the irony and whimsy instilled in both of us by our beloved high school English teacher, Arthur Naething.  You’ve become mockable, which is tragic. Lighten up, dude! As the man used to say, Go forth and spread beauty and light!

Update: Andrew Sullivan nails it , as commenter Oathdoover suggests.