Morning Must Reads: Revival

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–In this week’s newsstand/iPad edition of TIME, David Von Drehle considers the Republican revival through the prism of Rand Paul (The Populist), Meg Whitman (The Billionaire), Marco Rubio (The Upstart) and Christine O’Donnell (The Troublemaker). A taste:

History tells us that small-government conservatism is a volatile element in the Republican coalition — powerful, restorative but also potentially explosive. It fueled Reagan’s landslide victories in 1980 and 1984. But the same energy backfired in Barry Goldwater’s crushing 1964 defeat. The fight to harness its power is a big story, and that story is only beginning.

You don’t get the full effect of the breathtaking photos online, so let us send you a copy.

–The New York Times says the Obama coalition has frayed. Specifically:

Republicans have wiped out the advantage held by Democrats in recent election cycles among women, Roman Catholics, less affluent Americans and independents.

–Meg Whitman’s $160-million goose looks just about cooked in California. The latest Field Poll has her trailing Jerry Brown by 30 points among Latinos, 16 points among women and independents, and 10 points overall.

–Brown is airing footage of her getting booed for declining Matt Lauer’s rather silly positive ads only pledge.

–Lisa Murkowski wins what could be a consequential Alsaka Supreme Court decision that will allow voters to look a certified list of write-in candidates.

–Frank Luntz doles out plaudits and demerits for campaign ads.

–Tom Jensen writes Democrats aren’t closing the enthusiasm gap.

–Rahm Emanuel has ended up with a remarkably clear field for Chicago’s mayoral race.

–President Obama meets with liberal bloggers and sets himself up for a Clinton-esque shift on gay marriage.

–The administration is getting ready for another round with Iran.

–Kent Conrad embarks on a TARP and stimulus defense tour.

–Sy Hersh delves into cybersecurity.

–And a talking seal (sea lion?) endorses in Illinois’s 10th district:

What did I miss?

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