Morning Must Reads: China

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–Via Ben Smith, Here’s one of the most incredible ads of the cycle from Citizens Against Government Waste:

China has been a popular target of political posturing this year, most commonly in Democratic ads using Republican votes on trade deals or corporate taxes to accuse them of encouraging outsourcing. But this rendering of a dystopian future where Chinese college students laugh at  American decline is incredibly compelling (even if it’s totally baseless on the merits.) James Fallows marvels.

–Hu Jintao is coming for a big visit next year.

–Marc Ambinder sees no Republican wave in Colorado’s early voting.

–Uber union AFSCME says it will spend more than anyone else this cycle. No boasting here:

“We’re the big dog,” said Larry Scanlon, the head of AFSCME’s political operations. “But we don’t like to brag.”

–Turing to a different “big dog,” the Washington Post looks at Bill Clinton’s midterm crusade. One tidbit:

“He is just baffled and bewildered about why there has not been a more coherent message talking about what the party has done, why we allowed ourselves to become human pinatas,” [Terry] McAuliffe said.

–Biden plays the expectations game.

–Obama joins Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” chorus:

–Neil Irwin reports the foreclosure mess is testing coordination between financial regulators.

–Tim Geithner floats a trade surplus cap to the G20. Justin Fox is unimpressed.

–Lame duck ratification of START is no slam dunk.

–And GOProud sends up “Real Democrats of D.C.” and a “catty” Barney Frank.

What did I miss?

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