Palin’s FEC Disclosures

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Diving through the 600+ pages of Sarah Palins two most recent Federal Election Commission disclosures – the October Quarterly report filed Oct. 12 and the Pre-General report filed Oct. 17 – has been fascinating. While most of the media attention has been paid to what she brought in, $1.2 million, I focused on her disbursements. For example, I learned who produced at least one of Palin’s two standout videos: a outlet named Passcode Creative based out of Franklin, TN. Palin paid Passcode Creative $27,098.43 on Sept. 9, 2010 for “video filming and production” and another $2,657.26 for “travel, meals and lodging.” And, in case there’s any doubt, Passcode has the “Mama Grizzlies” video and the media response to it up on their website. Though no names are given on the site, this is the desciption of their work:

With a collective team of award winning media creatives and proven political strategists, our experience reaches across the heartland of America.  From the prestige of Pennsylvania Avenue to the traditions of music’s Grand Ole Opry, Passcode Creative encompasses a unique blend of political insight with the heritage of Middle America.

Also in the reports, Palin SarahPAC Treasurer Tim Crawford* hired Altered States Alliance LLC for “fundraising consulting” for $5,000 on Sept. 3. The address on the disclosure is in St. Petersburg, Florida, but a google search for “Altered States Alliance LLC” leads to only one company, a newly-formed Washington DC consulting firm headed by Allison Meyers. If the name sounds familiar, this appears to be the woman fired from the Republican National Committee for the infamous “Young Eagles” night out at Voyeur night club in West Hollywood. Though, this could be purely coincidental.

Palin has also expanded her universe of politicos. She paid nearly $95,000 to Frederick, Maryland-based Rudderow, Hill & Associates for direct marketing, or “postage” as is indicated on the reports. She also paid Upstream Communications — a group that develops websites, lists and online fundraising that has also worked for Senator John Cornyn — nearly $50,000 for “internet and credit card fundraising.” And she paid $6,000 to Washington-based Aristotle International, a political consulting firm, for “compliance software.”

Palin seems to have a new speechwriter, unless Lindsay Hayes has a new company. On Sept. 15, she paid $8,000 to Ten:PM Medial LLC for “speech writing.” No names were attached with the Alexandria, Virginia-based outfit.

Finally, Palin spent a hefty amount on direct mail — $269,972.32 – with HSP Direct. That’s nearly twice as much as she gave to candidates in the two reports — $166,000.

*Update: Crawford e-mail me to say that he hired Meyers, not the Palin.