Morning Must Reads: Firewall

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President Obama talks with Political Director Patrick Gaspard in Madison, Wis., Sept. 28, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

–Democratic committees are retreating behind a new firewall, cutting back funding for Steve Driehaus in Ohio, Florida’s Suzanne Kosmas and Kathy Dahlkemper in Pennsylvania.

–An ABC News/Yahoo! poll finds 85% of Americans are angry about or dissatisfied with the economy. A Bloomberg survey asks  likely midterm voters whom they blame:

Two-thirds of likely voters say Bush hurt the economy and 57 percent say congressional Republicans have. Forty-seven percent say Obama’s policies have damaged the economy and 53 percent say congressional Democrats have done so.

–Glen Bolger doesn’t see any evidence of a Democratic surge.

–Dave Weigel briefly illustrates the scope of outside money in a sleepy congressional district.

–Our friends at CNN write up last night’s heated Senate debates in Wisconsin and Kentucky.

–Carly Fiorina make a late play to the center:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

–Barney Frank looks to take point on addressing Fannie and Freddie.

–Vegetables: What the Nobel says about the U.S. unemployment crisis.

–Side dish: The very first clinical trial for stem cell treatment begins.

–Dessert: Roger Simon is bored.

What did I miss?

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