Morning Must Reads: Grind

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–President Obama will make his pitch on infrastructure spending today.

–Halperin thinks he’s losing the daily grind.

–It looks like the White House will pass on calling for a foreclosure moratorium.

Obama and company have decided that a lack of independent expenditure donor transparency will save the Democrats in the midterms. Based on the edification of John Boehner and the effort to rally against Joe Barton, I’d be surprised if this goes much beyond a week’s worth of cable advertising.

–Peter Diamond, who is Obama’s remaining unconfirmed nominee to the Fed’s board of governors (among other things), has won a Nobel prize for economics. It’s somewhat apples and oranges, but his boosters will be quick to point out that Senator Shelby blocked his nomination on the grounds that he didn’t want someone “learning on the job.”

–Florida Dems are continuing to whack at Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott’s tenure at Columbia/HCA. Scott’s favorables are already lower than his Democratic rival, but the race remains neck-and-neck.

Nate Silver points out unpopular incumbents aren’t doomed just by being unpopular.

–Carl Paladino, looking to clarify some controversial remarks on homosexuality, took to the morning shows to, um, talk about “speedos and grinding….”

–Vegetables: Economic and political forces conspire against an IMF deal on Chinese currency.

–Side dish: The New Yorker profiles Nick Denton.

–Dessert: Obama’s really, really weird Sunday rally.

What did I miss?

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