Morning Must Reads: Self-Inflicted

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REUTERS/Jose Luis Villegas

–The unemployment remained at 9.6 percent in September as the economy shed 95,000 jobs. Private sector payrolls continued to experience a small bit of growth, but not enough to offset government layoffs. The ship has pretty much sailed on Democrats getting any good economic news before the midterms, but yet another month of job market stagnation may prompt the Federal Reserve to bite the bullet on quantitative easing.

–An accidental voicemail picks up someone at Jerry Brown HQ calling Meg Whitman a “whore” as the competition of whose campaign can survive more self-inflicted wounds continues.

–Tim Cahill’s independent bid for governor in Massachusetts descends into lawsuits, recriminations and conspiracy.

–John Raese and West Virginia Republicans have been very successful in making their Senate race all about Obama. Manchin was a lock not long ago.

–Democrats won’t have to deal with the high-profile ethics trials of Reps. Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters before the midterms.

–David Plouffe’s expectation spinning will make you dizzy.

Speaking of Fred Davis, here is the spot he was working on in that video and, incidentally, the most serene attack ad you will ever see:

–Vegetables: The AIG deal is something new.

–Side dish: Liu Xiaobo wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

–Dessert: Charlie Crist goes way to the right:

What did I miss?

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